News For November 2015

The Republican Party and Its Future

Professor Marty Morris is returning to Duke this spring to teach “The Republican Party and its Future.” Against the backdrop of a particularly dramatic GOP primary season, Morris will teach students how to successfully run a campaign and the basics of how to manage a political office. Morris holds the record as the longest serving…

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How POLIS was born

The Hart Leadership Program was instrumental in the creation of POLIS (The Center for Politics, Leadership, Innovation, and Service). Read about its start in Duke Magazine.

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Hart Leadership Faculty Member Re-Elected to Durham City Council

Visiting Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Hart Leadership Program core faculty member Steve Schewel won his re-election bid for the Durham City Council Tuesday, November 3rd. Schewel received 28.1 percent of the vote in a six-person race for City Council, the highest percentage of any candidate. An advocate for affordable housing, Schewel released a…

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