News For May 2020

Hart Fellow Sujal Manohar gives talk about her art

Incoming Hart Fellow Sujal Manohar Trinity '20 presented a virtual conversation about her artistic endeavors at Duke in April. From the event description: "Sujal Manohar, a senior, double-major in Neuroscience and Visual Arts. Sujal doesn't view her interests as mutually exclusive. She is especially interested in using the arts to better understand health conditions. This…

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Hart Fellow Tyler Kopp Wins “Best Honors Thesis” Award

In the fall of his sophomore year, Tyler Kopp traveled to Mexico City with the Duke Immerse program, where he interviewed returnees who had been deported from the U.S. Kopp, who majored in public policy studies and Spanish, knew that he wanted to write something bigger about deportation and family separation. “I wanted people to…

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HLP Director Gunther Peck quoted on vice presidential nominee selection

HLP Director Gunther Peck was recently quoted in The Straits Times about how presidential candidate Joe Biden should make his selection for vice president. "One dilemma is balancing a ticket geographically and the other is balancing ideologically. What's different this time is literally the candidate who could help mobilise people, who has experience as a…

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