We have been inspired by the creativity, acumen, and passion of students across Sanford and Duke who participated in the Why Vote video challenge, an opportunity for students to create a 30 second non partisan PSA encouraging their peers not inclined to vote to do so. We received seventy one entries from students across the university. Between now and election day we will post one or two of the student videos in a new feature on then Hart website, our “Why Vote” message of the day. Winners of the competition will be announced and shown at a public forum on Monday at 5 pm, November 2nd. As all eyes turn to the outcome of the election, we look forward to celebrating the vision and contributions of our students, whose aspirations transcend partisan outcomes and generate hope for the future of our democratic experiment.

Here are the Top Videos from the Why Vote? Video Challenge:

Thursday, October 15th
Friday, October 16th
Monday, October 19th – Early Voting Resources
Tuesday, October 20th – Global Citizenship
Wednesday, October 21st – Global Citizenship
Thursday, October 22nd – Voting Rights are Human Rights
Friday, October 23rd – Voting Rights are Human Rights
Monday, October 26th – Voting Safely and Urgently during COVID-19
Tuesday, October 27th – Voting Safely and Urgently during COVID-19
Wednesday, October 28th – We aren’t Joking…Go Vote!
Thursday, October 29th – We aren’t Joking…Go Vote!
Friday, October 30th – Messengers & Messages
Monday, November 2nd – Messengers & Messages
Monday, November 3rd – Election Day

Celebrating Student Visions: The Why Vote? Video Challenge