PUBPOL 415 | Communities of Practice

Instructor: Andrew Nurkin

Communities of Practice | Andrew Nurkin

Semester: Fall 2024
Meeting Times: TuTh 3:05pm-4:20pm
Modes of Inquiry: Ethical Inquiry (EI)
Research (R)
Writing (W)
Areas of Knowledge: Social Sciences (SS)
Course Description:

Capstone course for students completing community-based research projects through Service Opportunities in Leadership, a signature curricular and experiential learning offering in the Hart Leadership Program. Course involves critical reflection on summer projects, exploration of leadership models that center community-led work and systemic analysis, development and practice of skills for lifelong civic leadership, and interrogation of how individual lives of commitment to the common good are formed and sustained in community with others. Instructor consent required. Students must be members of the SOL program and have completed both PUBPOL 263 and an approved summer project. Instructor consent required.