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Nov 02 2016

REVISED DEADLINE: Politics and Leadership course


In response to student demand, we have decided to open up the Hart Leadership Program’s spring 2017 course Political Participation and Leadership to all students! Though originally designed for junior Public Policy majors planning to complete a policy internship during the summer of 2017, the course is now open to all undergraduate majors at Duke.

Political Participation and Leadership, taught by Alma Blount and Steve Schewel, focuses on how to exercise leadership to create political change, both from positions of formal authority and at the grassroots level. Through books, newspapers, documentary films, and current events, we will discuss stories of how policies can be advanced—or buried, evaded, and distorted—and investigate leadership strategies for moving past political polarization and gridlock to engage in the difficult work of governance. Ultimately, this course challenge students to think deeply about their own values and preconceptions and to learn how to practice politics to lead political change.

If you are a student interested in politics and policy, this course could be a great fit for you.

Applications to be in the course can be found here. The revised application deadline is Wednesday, November 2nd by 5 PM. Please contact Sarah Du with questions or for further information.

Political Participation and Leadership