Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

OUR CORE FACULTY, AFFILIATED FACULTY, AND STAFF are a learning community of practitioners and scholars. We pride ourselves on working together to sustain a rich and demanding mentoring environment for students.

Core Faculty

The Hart Leadership Program core faculty are passionate, committed educators who teach one of our signature leadership classes, advise in one of our experiential learning programs, or both.

Abdullah T. Antepli
Abdullah T. Antepli Associate Vice President and Associate Vice Provost for Community-Engaged Research and Teaching; Associate Professor of the Practice
Alexandra Zagbayou
Alexandra Zagbayou Hart Associate Professor of the Practice
Andrew Nurkin
Andrew Nurkin Hart Associate Professor of the Practice; Director, Hart Leadership Program
Deondra Rose
Deondra Rose Kevin D. Gorter Associate Professor of Public Policy
Gunther Peck
Gunther Peck Associate Professor of History and Public Policy Studies
Hy V. Huynh
Hy V. Huynh Hart Fellowship Research Advisor; Research Scholar of Global Health
Kathryn Whetten
Kathryn Whetten Hart Fellows Research Director; Professor of Public Policy and Community and Family Medicine
Nick Carnes
Nick Carnes Creed C. Black Professor of Public Policy, Political Science, and Sociology
Shane T. Stansbury
Shane T. Stansbury Senior Lecturing Fellow of Law
Suzanne Katzenstein
Suzanne Katzenstein PEP Faculty Advisor; Hart Fellowship Writing Coach; Lecturer of Public Policy

Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated faculty of the Hart Leadership Program teach courses in leadership, ethics, civic engagement, and social change. Their inspired teaching reflects the values and pedagogical aspirations of the Hart Leadership Program.

Adam Hollowell
Adam Hollowell Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Program in Education
Catherine A. Admay
Catherine A. Admay Senior Lecturer in the Sanford School of Public Policy
Dirk Philipsen
Dirk Philipsen Associate Research Professor of Public Policy and History
Eric J Mlyn
Eric J Mlyn Lecturer in the Sanford School of Public Policy
Faulkner Fox
Faulkner Fox Instructor
Jay Pearson
Jay Pearson H. M. Foundation Associate Professor of Public Policy; Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Sanford School of Public Policy
Kristin A. Goss
Kristin A. Goss Professor of Public Policy and Political Science


The Hart Leadership Program staff are friendly, thoughtful professionals who coordinate our programs and operations, as well as provide student advising and support.

Lee Edelblut
Lee Edelblut Program Coordinator
Liz Driver
Liz Driver Office & Finance Coordinator