Marty Morris grew up in Anderson, Indiana. He attended Duke University on a football scholarship where he graduated with a major in Economics in 1978. Morris then attended Cumberland School of Law and earned a J.D. in 1981. Morris practiced law in Indianapolis in the early 1980s while maintaining a strong interest in Indiana politics. Eventually, he managed US Senator Richard Lugar’s 1988 campaign for his third term as United States Senator, as well as his following three campaigns.

He served as Senator Lugar’s Chief of Staff from February 1990 to January 2013, and holds the current record as the longest serving Chief of Staff in the US Senate. As Chief of Staff, Morris oversaw all of Senator Lugar’s operations, including the main office in DC and up to five personal offices in Indiana. He provided strategic direction to Senator Lugar when he was the Chair or Ranking Republican of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Senate Agriculture Committee.

One of the most important pieces of legislation Morris worked on was the 1991 Nunn-Lugar Act, which led to the deactivation of thousands of warheads in the former Soviet Union and the creation of the Cooperative Threat Reduction Agency.

Morris recalls Senator Lugar’s decision to encourage the Senate—which had a Republican majority—to override President Reagan’s veto of sanctions on apartheid South Africa as one of the finest examples of exercising leadership. “Lugar knew the administration was on the wrong course…On the Senate floor he said, ‘We are against tyranny, and tyranny is in South Africa…’” The Senate rejected the Reagan veto by a vote of 78-21, and the House split along similar lines, by a vote of 313-83.

Marty Morris is married to Pam Maloley Morris. Their son, Al Morris, played varsity baseball at Duke and graduated in 2013.