Dear Students, Friends, and Colleagues,

Two weeks before a new President took the oath of office in Washington, on a day known to Christians as epiphany, I was driving west out of Savannah Georgia on Interstate 15, having spent the previous day helping citizens who needed rides vote in the Georgia runoff election.  When I received a text from my best friend, a Congressman from Maryland, who told me that he was OK but was still locked down at the U.S. Capitol, then still under siege, I realized just how perilously fragile life and democracy are in this pandemic moment. The previous day I had worn, along with fifteen Durham voting rights activists, KN-95 masks all day when providing citizens rides to the polls. But no mask could save us from the virus of white supremacy or the violence committed by its adherents in the name of democracy. 

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The Forced Return - podcast on immigration

Maggie Loredo and Adriana Figueroa visited the Sanford School recently to talk about the impacts of immigration policy in the United States and Mexico. Maggie is the founder of Otros Dreams en Accion, an organization that helps those who have been deported to Mexico get familiarized with their new home. Adriana is a returnee born

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Announcing the 2018-19 Hart Fellows

We are pleased to announce our 2018-19 Hart Fellows. Since 1995, the Hart Fellows Program has placed recent Duke graduates with partner  organizations around the world for intensive, 10-month community-based projects. Hart Fellows conduct research projects in collaboration with their host organizations, while simultaneously developing their own understanding of ethical leadership as they encounter the social

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Book Party For Bruce Jentleson

The Hart Leadership Program recently hosted a party to celebrate the publication of Bruce Jentleson’s new book, The Peacemakers: Leadership Lessons from Twentieth-century Statesmanship. Bruce Jentleson is a Professor of Public Policy and Political Science at Duke University.  He previously served as Director of the Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy, which is now Sanford

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SOL Students Present Research at Visible Thinking

Twelve students who participated in Service Opportunities in Leadership (SOL) last year presented their research findings at Visible Thinking, Duke’s annual event that celebrates the achievements of undergraduate researchers. SOL students represented ten percent of the total research projects showcased across the humanities, the natural sciences and engineering, and the social sciences. Below is a

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Meet the SOL Summer Grant Recipients

The Hart Leadership Program is proud to introduce eight students who have been awarded SOL Summer Grants. The grants are awarded to qualified undergraduates to design and conduct community-based research projects collaboratively with partner organizations for 8-12 weeks during the summer of 2018. In a competitive application process, students designed their own community based research project,

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