Ashoka U Recognizes ELI’s Tony Brown

Ashoka U, an initiative for social inovation at colleges and universities, recently recorgnized Tony Brown, and his course “Social Entrepreneurship in Action,” as a 2012 Inovation Award winner.

From the Ashoka U website:

“Tony Brown of Duke University’s Hart Leadership Program had a vision to move beyond the theory of social change and use social entrepreneurship as a vehicle for student and community development. His course, “Social Entrepreneurship in Action,” helps students combine analysis, action, and personal passion to develop new social initiatives. Supporting and guiding students through the challenge of creating real results – and holding them accountable for doing so – can lead to meaningful development in the areas of agency, efficacy, and changemaker identity. In its twelfth semester, Duke celebrates nearly 60 student-led social ventures that benefit the Duke and Durham communities, many of which are still active today.”


Congratulations, Tony!