The Hart Leadership Program is pleased to announce the selection of new fellows for the Leadership in Arts Policy Internship – LAPI Program. These thoughtful students have been chosen through a competitive application process and will embark on a transformative journey in the program this year.

Fellows in the Leadership in Arts Policy program will begin their journey with the gateway course “Arts Policy, Leadership, and Engagement” (PUBPOL 213), taught by Professor Andrew Nurkin. This community-engaged course introduces contemporary issues in US arts policy and cultural sector leadership across various themes. Students will delve into creative institutions, cultural equity and accessibility, creative place-making, community development, and the creative economy. The course also includes a semester-long collaborative project with an arts policy organization, providing hands-on experience in the field.

Introducing the 2024 LAPI cohort, a group of talented individuals selected to learn and engage with HLP this year:


Chloe Field is a sophomore from Boca Raton, FL majoring in Public Policy with a minor in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies and a Markets and Management Studies certificate. On campus, Chloe is involved with Duke University Union, serving as the marketing chair for the Last Day of Class Committee. She is also the co-director of Anglez, a business focused on connecting Duke students to local businesses. Back home, Chloe was involved with local government by interning for her congressman and serving on the educational advisory board. During her free time, Chloe enjoys spending time with friends and family, volunteering, and playing pickleball. Chloe is eager to explore the intersection of arts, policy, and service: three areas in which she is passionate about.



Carina Lei is a junior studying a Program II major called “Toward Culturally Competent Care: Holistic Mental Health in Asian/American Diasporic Communities!”! On campus, she is heavily involved with chronic pain research, cultural psychology research, and with Asian student organizations/affinity groups. She’s interested in the role of art within holistic health and learning about ways to systemically support and incorporate it into mental healthcare, both through a policy and a practitioner lens! In her free time, she likes to paint, crochet, and try new latte flavors. Carina is also a big fan of Cheerwine (the soda) and continues to consider it one of her core personality traits.



Marina Varriano LAPI 2024Marina Varriano is a sophomore from Westchester, New York and is pursuing a double major in Public Policy and Music, with a concentration in Piano Performance. Dedicated to piano all her life, Marina enjoys studying music at Duke through performances, chamber music, and music classes. She is also interested in policy and law, particularly the legal aspects of the entertainment industry. Marina has always balanced her interests in music and policy separately but is excited to bring them together through LAPI. During summer 2024, she will intern at Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, an organization that provides free legal and educational services to artists in New York. Through this internship, she will have the opportunity to help artists protect their talents and careers. Marina plans on attending law school after graduation.


Lhamo Dixey LAPI 2024Lhamo Dixey is a junior from Berkeley, California, majoring in Religious Studies and Political Science with a certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She currently serves as the Storytelling and Graphic Design Intern at Say the Thing, Startup Talent and Training Intern at the Council for Entrepreneurial Development, Creative Director at Time for Prints, and Trinity Ambassador to the Religious Studies Department at Duke. She is absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Hart Leadership in Arts Policy Internship and to make a meaningful impact on her community through art and creative expression.



Gus Gress LAPI 2024 Gus Gress is a junior from Thousand Oaks, CA studying Public Policy and Theater. He is passionate about human rights and the arts, and he hopes to become a performer, director and activist. He is a lifelong Spanish learner and a Spanish minor, and he has most recently immersed himself in the language through DukeEngage Paraguay and Duke in Madrid. At Duke, Gus is involved with Me Too Monologues, Hoof ‘n’ Horn, Duke Players and Speak of the Devil. In his free time, Gus enjoys being in nature and listening to Taylor Swift, and he often does both at the same time.




Sophie Yost is a sophomore from Lancaster, Pennsylvania studying Public Policy and History. She is a proud theater kid and history nerd who is fascinated by the intersection of social justice, artistic expression, and preservation. She hopes to combine these interests to work toward a more understanding and equitable future, specifically by uplifting the voices of other women around the world. At Duke, Sophie is a member of Duke’s Body Empowerment Club, performs in the All of the Above monologue showcase, works with POLIS as a student assistant, and is Co-president of the Keohane Quad Council. On the weekends, Sophie likes to visit the chickens in the Duke gardens, cook with friends, and explore local museums.