More than a Decade Later, Camp Kesem Lives On

Camp Kesem was born eleven years ago in Tony Brown’s social entrepreneurship course as a group project by Jeff Leibach, John Rimel, and Yoav Lurie.  Camp Kesem is a one-week, student-run camp for children who have been affected by cancer in their families.  The goal of the camp is to provide a place for children to have a safe, supportive network of caring individuals so that they gain strength from peers facing similar challenges.  

Samantha Halle (Robertson ’14) assumed the position as one of CKNC (Camp Kesem North Carolina) directors in September of last year with a personal goal to ensure that CKNC could grow this past year and continue to grow in future years as a joint UNC-Duke organization.  Samantha recently reached out to Tony thanking him for inspiring and helping his students all those years ago with their project.  She says that they hear about how life changing the camp is on a regular basis and still serve some of those original campers today.  Take a look at their video!