The Republican Party and Its Future

Professor Marty Morris is returning to Duke this spring to teach “The Republican Party and its Future.” Against the backdrop of a particularly dramatic GOP primary season, Morris will teach students how to successfully run a campaign and the basics of how to manage a political office.

Morris holds the record as the longest serving Chief of Staff in the Senate history. This will be his fourth semester imparting what he learned throughout his career to Duke students. Morris teaches students to write captivating direct mail pieces and TV ads, how to manage PACs and interest groups, and above all, how to use these political tools to drive good policy.

Students tackle the big issues–gun control, abortion, national defense, and taxes. They debate Huey Long’s and Ayn Rand’s philosophy over pizza and take part in simulated campaign staff meetings. Interspersed throughout the semester are lectures by Washington insiders who discuss energy security, lobbying, and foreign policy.

“With the upcoming election, this spring will be a particularly interesting time to teach this course. Each candidate is under pressure from different forces and we will investigate these issues during the semester,” Morris stated.

Morris enjoys meeting students in Fleishman Commons. He’s been known to sit for hours with a student to help talk through career options and how to pursue them.

One former student described Morris, “He has encouraged many of us to pursue careers in public service, but even more than that, he has truly inspired us to do so.” Morris pushes students to look beyond their cynicism and frustration with the current government and instead strive towards what could be, equipping them with the tools to realize that higher vision.