Tony Brown’s students Sustain Dialogue

Today in both of Tony Brown’s classes, dialogue was a reoccurring topic.


In the morning class (PPS 190), students Nadine Goldberg and Stanley Yuan led a dialogue session.  Strong statements were made and students were asked to take a side regarding their stance on the statement.  They were then asked to “seek to understand” where people on the other extreme were coming from.  This was done throguh the practice of listening, asking non-leading questions, putting emotions aside, and truly trying to empathize with where others might be coming from.  Statements included: “I believe that chivalry is oppressive”, and “I belive that political correctness is overrated.”  


In the afternoon class (PPS 265), Tony Brown led the activity.  The following statement was made to the class: “Duke students should actively promote/support feminism on campus.”  Students broke into groups and were asked to have open dialogue with one another in order to come up with a statement that all parties could agree with.  Some of those included: “Duke students have the right to create more valuable relationships between genders”, “The Duke community should aspire to embrace feminism, which is the equal treatment and value of both genders”, “All Duke students have a responsibility to explore, question, and challenge their perspectives surrounding gender equality”, and “We as Duke students, seek to understand equality for all people.”


Last year, Amy Lazarus (former ELI student and one of the founders of Common Ground) held a Sustain Dialogue session for Tony’s students.  Please take a look here:

Tony Brown’s students Sustain Dialogue.

Tony Brown’s students Sustain Dialogue.