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PEP Fellow Caroline Avery's Civic Engagement Guide for Youth

Caroline Avery, PPS ’22, is looking to create a new generation of civic leaders through her PEP Fellows project. The PEP Fellows program, an undergraduate experience offered through the Hart Leadership Program and Polis, provides students with resources to explore democracy in depth. This past year, students in the PEP Fellows program took on the…

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2020 PEP Fellows Draft Key Section of Voting Rights Bill

Anna Klingensmith (T ’21) and Nadia Innab (T ’21), two 2020 Political Engagement Project (PEP) Fellows, wrote a section of a bill that will be presented to the General Assembly of North Carolina. The “Fix Our Democracy” Bill, sponsored by Senator Jeff Jackson and Representative Ashton Wheeler Clemmons, intends to remove barriers to voting access.…

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A Blue Georgia on my Mind

Hart affiliated creative writing teacher Faulkner Fox wrote a reflection on her experience in Georgia with Durham get-out-the-vote group, Bull City Votes in the midst of the run-off elections and the storming of the capitol. "What do these most recent Georgia victories mean to Professor Fox? "They mean that the South, a place with a…

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