Fellows in the Field 2020-2021

Sujal Manohar


Sujal Manohar will work at Imagine Art, an Austin, Texas-based nonprofit art studio which provides an inclusive studio and art space for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities. She hopes to better understand the needs of artists with disabilities through a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the organization’s existing initiatives. She also plans to engage the community directly in a collaborative art project. At Duke, Manohar—an Alice M. Baldwin Scholar—was the photography editor for The Chronicle and a neuroscience research assistant in the Pearson Lab. Her original artwork has been displayed at the Rubenstein Arts Center and the Student Wellness Center. Originally from Dallas, she graduated with a BS in neuroscience and a BA in visual arts.

Manohar noted that though her dual degrees in science and art may seem divergent, she does not see them that way.

“My work with people impacted by illness and disability has shown me how the arts can create unique avenues for communication and collaboration with these groups,” Manohar said. “Art can empower individuals of all abilities to express themselves, providing an opportunity for self-reflection and relationship building.”

“Austin is such a great city to live in. Despite COVID-19 restrictions, I have enjoyed walking on the trails, meeting friends outdoors, and trying out local restaurants.”

“One of my high school friends visited Austin and we spent an afternoon exploring the Colorado River trails. I walked over five miles, which may or may not be the furthest I’ve walked in a single day since… March.”

Excerpts from Sujal's Writing

Tyler Kopp


Tyler Kopp will spend his fellowship in Mexico City with Otros Dreams en Acción, an organization focused on providing support and advocacy for people who were deported from the United States. The fellowship marks a return to ODA for Kopp, as he interned there during the summer of 2018. He hopes to work on a project supporting the group’s family reunification initiative and help with policy analysis. At Duke, Kopp—a Benjamin N. Duke Scholar—led the Peer Advocacy for Sexual Health organization and was the Latinx Member Services Coordinator for the Community Empowerment Fund. He was also a legal intern for Immigration Equality in New York City and a teaching assistant in the Sanford School of Public Policy. Originally from Boiling Spring Lakes, N.C., he graduated with degrees in public policy and Spanish.

Kopp noted that he is motivated to work on immigrant justice issues because of his personal experiences.

“I’m committed to fighting for human rights and justice beyond deportation and family separation because knowing what isolation from families and communities can feel like, and listening to the returned community speak about their experiences with it, I don’t see non-action as an option,” Kopp said.

“Lighting a housewarming candle my friend gave me, from my little balcony overlooking the rest of the historic houses attached to my building. I absolutely love the way this place looks; a 180-degree view shows some really tall buildings just across my street, but from here it looks like I’m in a little town. Mexico City is very old, and you’ll find all types of architecture here, from skyscrapers to my 100-year old house to the ancient stone buildings in the city center!”

“I’ve noticed that this city is just FULL of old cool cars. I’ve created a photo album specifically for these photos. This is my favorite from the past month.”

Excerpts from Tyler's Writing

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