Lizzy Kramer

Otros Dreams en Acción. Mexico City, Mexico.2022-2023.

Olivia Reneau

Fulton County Government’s Reparations Task Force. Atlanta, Georgia.2022-2023.

Anjali Gupta

Cancer Confrontation, Care, and Consolation (C3G). Banjul, The Gambia.2022-2023.

Kemunto Okindo

MASS Design Group. Kigali, Rwanda.2021-2022.

Aly Diaz

Glory House Miami. Miami, Florida.2021-2022.

Hope Jackson

For the Village. San Diego, California.2021-2022.

Sujal Manohar

Imagine Art.  Austin, Texas.
Project Title: "Exploring Supported Employment at Imagine Art"2020-2021.

Tyler Kopp

Otros Dreams en Acción.  Mexico City, Mexico.
Project Title: "Toward a Retorno Digno: Recommendations for a Holistic Public Policy of Return to Mexico City"2020-2021.

Elizabeth Nowlin

Tanzania People and Wildlife.  Arusha, Tanzania.
Project Title: "Wildlife Monitoring Reflections and Recommendations and Livestock Prices Survey"2019-2020.

Luiza Perez

Albert Einstein Foundation.  São Paulo, Brazil.2019-2020.

Rachel Rubin

Southwestern Regional Day Report Center.  Madison, West Virginia.
Project Title: "Southwestern Regional Day Report Center Quarterly Report"2019-2020.

Amulya Vadapalli

Collateral Repair Project.  Amman, Jordan.
Project Title: "A Comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation Review"2019-2020.

Connor Vasu

Dilley Pro Bono Project.  Dilley, Texas.2019-2020.

Sanjeev Dasgupta

Issara Institute. Bangkok, Thailand.
Project Title: "An Analysis of Labour Migration Trends between Myanmar and Thailand through the Formal MOU Process"2018-2019.

Michaela Stith

Indigenous Peoples' Secretariat. Tromsø, Norway.
Project Title: "Annotated Bibliography of the Implementation of Indigenous Knowledge in the Arctic Council"2018-2019.

Andrew Tan-Delli Cicchi

Fair Employment Foundation. Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
Project Title: "Labors of Love: Changes in Familial and Personal Networks of Filipina Domestic Workers in Hong Kong"2018-2019.

Paige Newhouse

Caritas Friedland. Friedland, Germany.
Project Title: "A study on the Women's Center"2017-2018.

David Rosen

Arava Institute. Ketura, Israel.
Project Title: "Assessment of the failure mechanisms for off-grid greywater and wastewater reuse projects in the West Bank"2017-2018.

Henry Warder

Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT). Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Project Title: "Report: CCBRT 3D Printing Opertaions"2017-2018.

Matt Hamilton

Renaissance Institute. Yangon, Myanmar.
Project Title: "Executive Summary: A Report on State-Owned Economic Enterprises in Myanmar."2016-2017.

Rifat Rahman

Raks Thai Foundation. Bangkok, Thailand.
Project Title: "Accessibility of National Security Health Office HIV Prevention Funding for Civil Society Organizations."2016-2017.

Scott Boisvert.

Ethnic Minorities Health Problems Foundation.  Sofia, Bulgaria.
Project Title: "Innovating Approaches: Health Education in Bulgaria."2015-2016.

Anne Martin.

Villas Mastatal. Mastatal, Costa Rica.
Project Title: "What are the Implications of the Industrial Food System, and What are the Barriers Facing Sustainable Food Production in Costa Rica?"2015-2016.

Laxmi Rajak.

Teach for Nepal.  Kathmandu, Nepal.
Project Title: "The Student Experience of Teach for Nepal (TFN) Fellows' Classrooms."2015-2016.

David Robertson.

Catalytic Communities. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Project Title: "Watching The Marvelous City in Transition: Housing Policy Recommendations From The Voices of the Communities."2015-2016.

Anastasia Karklina.

Gender Studies and Human Rights Documentation Centre. Accra, Ghana.
Project Title: "Measuring Gender Attitudes Among Male Adolescents and Young Men in Accra, Ghana."2014-2015.

Grady Lenkin.

Jana Urban Foundation. Bangalore, India.
Project Title: "Studying Slums and Slum Types in Bangalore, India: Satellite Images and Combining Methods of Investigation."2014-2015.

Jessye Waxman.

EcoPeace / Friends of the Earth Middle East. Tel Aviv, Israel.
Project Title: "Evaluation of EcoPeace's Environmental Tours for Religious Groups in Israel, Palestine and Jordan."2014-2015.

Casey Williams.

International Centre for Climate Change and Development. Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Project Title: "Development of Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) to Climate Change."2014-2015.

Lewis Purcell.

Club Babochka. St. Petersburg, Russia.
Project Title: “How can Camp Babochka open an assisted-living community home for the young-adult physically-disabled members of its community?”2013-2014.

Jocelyn Streid.

Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society. Sarawak, Malaysia.
Project Title: “The Burdens and Resources of Family of Children with Cancer in

Grace Zhou.

Homeland. Battambang, Cambodia.
Project Title: “Assessing the Reunification of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in Battambang, Cambodia.”2013-2014.

Benjamin Soltoff.

GRAVIS. Jodhpur, India.
Project Title: “The Effects of Climate Change in Thar, India.”2012-2013.

Linda Yi.

Hua Dan. Beijing, China.
Project Title: “The Impact of Art and Theater on the People Who Make up Hua Dan.”2012-2013.

Alice Zhang.

Menzies School of Health Research. Darwin, Australia.
Project Title: “How the Social Situation of Indigenous Australian Impacts and Interacts With Their Health Status.”2012-2013.

Edwin Coleman.

Extra Mural Education Project. Cape Town, South Africa.
Project Title: “The State of Capetownian Township Education from Student Perspective.”2011-2012.

Leila Dal Santo.

Khmer Center for Development (KCD). Battambang, Cambodia.
Project Title: “Explaining the Contiued Presence of Orphanages in Battambang Province, Cambodia.”2011-2012.

Madeline Pongor.

Mumbai Mobile Creches (MMC). Mumbai, India.
Did Not Complete Fellowship.2011-2012.

Nanjie Caihua.

SEVA Foundation. Berkeley, California, USA.
Project Title: Did Not Submit a Final Product.2010-2011.

Nana Duffuor.

KWIECO. Moshi, Tanzania.
Project Title: “Religion and Rights in Kilimanjaro Understanding Gender and Human Rights Discourse in the Context of Religion in Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania.”2010-2011.

Karmel Wong.

ARTH. Udaipur, India.
Project Title: “Maternal mental health in rural Rajasthan: a formative report.”2010-2011.

Jane Chong.

Human Development Foundation. Bangkok, Thailand.
Project Title: “The Perceived and Met Needs of Mercy Center Children and Caregivers.”2009-2010.

Andrew Tutt.

Transparency International. Yerevan, Armenia.
Project Title: “Armenian NGO Sector Assessment.”2009-2010.

Yisel Valdes.

Pro Mujer Mexico. Pachuca Mexico.
Project Title: “An Analysis of Pro Mujer’s Clients and their Credit Behavior.”2009-2010.

Grant Smith.

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center. Moshi, Tanzania.
Project Title: “Coping and Health in Tanzania (CHAT): Maternal Health Pilot Study.”2008-2009.

Corey Sobel.

Karen Human Rights Group. Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Project Title: “Abuse, Poverty and Migration: Investigating migrants’ motivations to leave home in Burma. Thailand.”2008-2009.

Sam Swartz.

Reduction in Maternal Mortality Project. Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Project Title: “PEER: Participatory Evaluation and Ethnographic Research.”2008-2009.

Seyward Darby.

Transitions Online. Prague, Czech Republic.
Project Title: “Final Report to Transitions Online (TOL) about Central Asia’s Journalism Training.”2007-2008.

Cassie Phillips.

Homeland. Battambang, Cambodia.
Project Title: “The Group Home: Alternative Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Cambodia.”2007-2008.

Brian Wright.

Institute of Social Order. San Miguel Bay, The Philippines.
Project Title: “Examining Community Perceptions of NGO Facilitated Coastal Management Initiatives.”2007-2008.

Yazan Kopty.

Homeland. Battambang, Cambodia.
Project Title: “Examining the Situation of Street and Slum Families in Battambang Town.”2006-2007.

Nicholas Shungu.

Save Lives Ethiopia. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Project Title: "A Social, Economic, and Physical Needs Assessment of Commercial Sex Workers in Saris Kuchera Sefer, Ethiopia."2006-2007.

Jen Hasvold.

Homeland. Battambang, Cambodia.
Project Title: “Child Trafficking and its Effects on Behavioral and Emotional

Lauren Jarvis.

Women on Farms. Stellenbosch, South Africa.
Project Title: “Growing Equality? Change in the Farmlands of the Western Cape after Apartheid.”2005-2006.

Hayden Kantor.

GRAVIS. Jodhpur, India.
Project Title: “Sitting on One Carpet: A Study of Community-Based Organizations in the Thar Desert.”2005-2006.

Michaela Kerrissey.

Reach Out. Kampala, Uganda.
Project Title: “A Group Intervention for Risk Reduction with Discordant Couples: A Facilitator’s Manual.”2005-2006.

Katie Wilson-Miln.

Legal Resources Centre’s Women’s Rights Project. Durban, South Africa.
Project Title: “Are We There Yet? Stories on Law and Transformation: A Collection of Narratives from Black, Female Legal Professionals in Durham, South Africa.”2005-2006.

Mark Younger.

AGROS Foundation. Cotzal, Guatemala.
Project Title: “Promoting Healthy Independence in Assistance-Receiving Villages of the Ixil, Guatemala.”2005-2006.

Laurie Ball.

Mozaik Community Development Foundation. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Project Title: “Building Social Cohesion in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Stories and Lessons from Three Returnee Communities.”2004-2005.

Courtney Crosson.

Kicoshep. Nairobi, Kenya.
Project Title: “Youth Information Networks in Kibera and Organizing for Social

Hsien-Jay Lee.

Freedom Foundation. Bangalore, India.
Project Title: “Freedom Foundation, Strategies and Determinants of Care for HIV Positive Orphan Children in India.”2004-2005.

Katie Mitchell.

 KWIECO. Moshi, Tanzania.
Project Title: “Children’s Perspectives on Their Human Rights in Tanzania.”2004-2005.

Harry Phillips.

Federal University: Salvador. Salvador, Brazil.
Project Title: “Micro-enterprise for Afro-Bahian Youth.”2004-2005.

Sona Chikarmane.

Sahara House. Delhi, India.
Project Title: “Empowering a Community to Address and Tackle the Issue of HIV/AIDs.”2003-2004.

Chad Hazlett.

Seva Mandir. Udaipur, India.
Project Title: “The Promise of Healthcare.”2003-2004.

Carl James.

KIWAKKUKI. Moshi, Tanzania.
Project Title: “Research on Orphans Affected by HIV/AIDS.”2003-2004.

Seth Napier.

Homeland. Battambang, Cambodia.
Project Title: “Village HIV/AIDS Mapping of Slaket, Otaki, Peak EK, and K’dol

Laura Thornhill.

Seva Mandir. Udaipur, India.
Project Title: “Gendered Perspectives on Political Participation and Domestic Violence.”2003-2004.

Neil Gupta.

Núcleo de Doenças Infecciosas/Assistência Domiciliar Terapêutica. Vitória Brazil.
Project Title: “Research on Tuberculosis, Leischmaniasis, and Home-Based Care for HIV/AIDS Patients.”2002-2003.

Rebecca Haffajee.

KIWAKKUKI. Kilmanjaro, Tanzania.
Project Title: “Research on Orphans affected by HIV/AIDS in Tanzania.”2002-2003.

Anne Lai.

Project HOPE/Semiconductor Manufacturing International Company/Project Grace. Shanghai, China.
Project Title: “The Effect of a Workplace HIV/AIDS Training Program on Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior in the Chinese Setting.”2002-2003.

Erin Abrams.

Save the Children. Kathmandu, Nepal.
Project Title: “Trafficking of Women and Girls and HIV/AIDs.”2001-2002.

Sarah Chasnovitz.

Foundation for Community Work. Cape Town, South Africa.
Project Title: “Was Told: A Year Among Families on the Cape Flats.”2001-2002.

Marissa Downs.

International Rescue Committee. Kigali, Rwanda.
Project Title: “Research on civic Education, social cohesion and civil society; project to use art as a means of promoting reconciliation.”2001-2002.

Sara Johnson.

Unidad de Capacitación e Investigación para la Participación. Juxtlahuaca Mexico.
Project Title: “Work with Indigenous Women – Leadership Training, Program Development and Evaluation.”2001-2002.

Peter Jordan.

Christian Children's Fund. Maralal, Kenya.
Project Title: “Small Warriors Barsaloi” Documentary Video Based on Collaboration with Children.”2001-2002.

Pooja Kumar.

International Rescue Committee. Barda, Azerbaijan.
Project Title: "Internally Displaced Persons in Azerbaijan."2001-2002.

Tova Neugut.

Rural Family Support Organization. Pen, Jamaica.
Project Title: “Documentary Work and Teaching at an Organization Providing Support to Rural Families.”2001-2002.

Louise Vaz.

Associacão Criança, Familía e Desenvolvimento, Incaia and Matuba. Mozambique.
Project Title: "Research on HIV/AIDS."2001-2002.

Mendi Drayton.

Baguio Child and Family Services. Baguio, The Philippines.
Project Title: “Education of Special Needs Students in the Philippines.”2000-2001.

Kacey Young Eichelberger.

Oak Zimbabwe Foundation/Inter-Country People’s Aid. Harare, Zimbabwe.
Project Title: “AnOther Self: Explorations of Identity” (documentary project). Also: work on HIV/AIDS; "Work with Young in a Peri-Urban, Informal Settlement.”2000-2001.

Sara Gomez.

SEWA. Ahmedabad, India.
Project Title: “Together We Do Good Work: Childcare and Poverty Alleviation in Gujarat, India.”2000-2001.

Meg Hendrickson.

Collectivo Mexicano de Apoyo a la Ninez. Mexico City, Mexico.
Project Title: “Street Children in Mexico City.”2000-2001.

Michele Hong.

Community of Learners Foundation. San Juan, The Philippines.
Project Title: “Education of Special Needs Students in the Philippines.”2000-2001.

Suneeta Kaimal.

Tai Wisdom Society. Khon Kaen, Thailand.
Project Title: “Education and Early Childhood Development.”2000-2001.

Devika Madhadevan.

Inter-Country Peoples’ Aid. Harare, Zimbabwe.
Project Title: “Programming for Youth Living in Peri-Urban, Informal Settlements.”2000-2001.

Gillian Morantz.

Child Protection Society. Harare, Zimbabwe.
Project Title: “Programming Focused on Youth.”2000-2001.

Sara Jewett Nieuwoudt.

Save the Children. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.2000-2001.

Meghan O’Connor.

Madrasa Project. Kenya (Mombasa)/Uganda.
Project Title: “Research, Documentary Work, and Communications Work for the Madrasa Community Preschool Programme.”2000-2001.

Kate Waters.

La Fundación Oñondivepa de Carapeguá. Carapeguá, Paraguay.
Project Title: “Community Nutrition and Alimentation Project.”2000-2001.

Erin Brock.

Farm Orphan Support Trust. Harare and Manicaland, Zimbabwe.
Project Title: “Orphans on commercial farms. Zimbabwe.”1999-2000.

Ellen Eischen.

Jena Mehodist Social Service Program. Jena, Germany.
Project Title: “Assiedlers: Integraiton of Ethnic Germans from the Former Soviet Union into Germany.”1999-2000.

Eldad Elnekav.

International Center for Ethics, Justice, and Public Life at Brandeis University. Israel
Project Title: “Women’s barriers to receiving health care in an Arab-Israeli village.”1999-2000.

Carolyn Fanelli.

Exploris. Raleigh, NC, USA.
Project Title: “Collaboration between Hart Fellows and the Exploris Museum.”1999-2000.

Anna Fink.

Christian Commission on Development. Honduras.
Project Title: “Investigation of Community Rebuilding and International Disaster Relief after Hurricane Mitch.”1999-2000.

Eric Gottesman.

Save the Children. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Project Title: “Ka Fitfitu Feetu: “If I Could See Your Face, I Would Not Need Food.”1999-2000.

Marcy Levy.

Inter-Country Peoples’ Aid. Harare, Zimbabwe.
Project Title: “Programming for Adolescents Living in Peri-Urban, Informal

Lauren Marks.

Oak Zimbabwe Foundation. Zimbabwe.
Project Title: “Orphans Affected by HIV/AIDS.”1999-2000.

Elanie Menotti.

Christian Children’s Fund. Honduras.
Project Title: “Sustainable Development Projects with a Focus on Women and Children.”1999-2000.

Krisjon Olson.

Ninos Refugiados del Mundo. Ixil Triangle, Guatemala.
Project Title: “Early Childhood Education and Recovery of Children Affected by Armed Conflict.”1999-2000.

Minh-Thu Pham.

Women’s Commission for Refugee Women and Children. New York City, New York, USA.
Project Title: “Research and Advocacy to Benefit Women and Children Asylum Seekers.”1999-2000.

Janet Reilly

Lutheran Family Services. Raleigh, NC, USA.
Project Title: “Mentoring Program for Refugee and Immigrant Youth in North Carolina.”1999-2000.

Kevin York-Simmons.

Christian Commission on Development. El Porvenir, Honduras.
Project Title: Community Liaison between Community Organizations and Visiting Work Teams.1999-2000.

Carolyn Fanelli.

Women’s Commission for Children and Refugees. Washington DC, USA.
Project Title: “Research and Advocacy to Benefit Women and Children Asylum

Krisjon Olson.

Ninos Refugiados del Mundo. Ixil Triangle, Guatemala.
Project Title: “Early Childhood Education and Recovery of Children Affected by Armed Conflict.”1998-1999.

Minh-Thu Pham.

Save the Children. Addis Ababa. Ethiopia.
Project Title: Community-Based Education Program for Grassroots Organizations and Communities.1998-1999.

Janet Reilly.

Save the Children. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Project Title: “Reproductive Health Education for Women and Children.”1998-1999.

Craig Cohen.

UNHCR. Geneva, Switzerland.1997-1998.

Amy Hepburn.

UNHCR. Geneva, Switzerland.
Project Title: “Protection and Care for Refugee Children and Adolescents.”1997-1998.

Catherine Wiesner.

Save the Children. Ethiopia/Zimbabwe.
Project Title: “Health Program for Farmworker Communities; Program Coordination for Peri-Urban Informal Settlements.”1997-1998.

Craig Cohen.

Save the Children. Rwanda/Malawi.
Project Title: “Nta Nzu Itagira Inkigi (No Home Without Foundation): Portrait of Child-Headed Households in Rwanda.”1996-1997.

Noah Hendler.

Save the Children. Rwanda/Malawi.
Project Title: "You Weren’t Eaten by the Crocodile: Hidden Stories of HIV/AIDS in an African Village."1996-1997.

Mark Lorey.

Save the Children. Rwanda.
Project Title: Strengthening Community Capacity to Care for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS.1996-1997.

Shane Stansbury.

Save the Children. Tajikistan.
Project Title: “Research on Children and War; Micro-Credit Program for Women.”1996-1997.

Catherine Wiesner.

UNHCR. Geneva, Switzerland.
Project Title: “Care for Children and Adolescents in Emergency Situations.”1996-1997.

Damon Wilson.

Save the Children. Rwanda.
Project Title: “Unaccompanied Children.”1995-1996.

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