Hart Fellows are recent Duke University graduates who have been out of school for fewer than two years and have not yet earned an advanced degree.

Just as there is no typical Hart Fellows Program experience, there is no typical Hart Fellow. Hart Fellows come to us with a wide variety of interests, experiences and strengths. Fellows have majored in Public Policy, Mechanical Engineering, Religion, and Biology. The ideal candidate will have taken courses and participated in experiential learning opportunities that have helped them prepare for working internationally on challenging social issues. A number of Hart Fellows have studied or worked for extended periods in foreign countries before applying to the program, and were already proficient in one or more foreign languages.

We are interested in students who have had formative experiences working directly with community organizations. Typically the community relationships were developed through service opportunities connected to Duke University courses, such as those offered by the Hart Leadership Program or the Center for Documentary Studies.

The ideal Hart Fellow candidate is mature, self-reliant, open-minded, curious and reflective. They are able to build solid, respectful relationships with people from many diverse backgrounds and perspectives. The Hart Fellows Program is looking for people who see the world in distinctly original ways, and can communicate their visions and experiences clearly and persuasively.

To become a Hart Fellow you will be required to attend a pre-departure retreat after graduation, conduct your fellowship from July through May, complete an extensive research project for a community partner organization, write monthly reflection pieces, research updates and a midterm report, and submit a final report to the Hart Fellows Program and to your community partner.

The final Hart Fellows Program information session is on January 16th at 5 PM in Sanford 223 (Rhodes). Applications for the 2019-2020 Hart Fellows Program are due at 5 PM on Friday, February 15th, 2019.

Applications can be found here: Hart Fellows Program 2019-2020 Application.

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