RSL Gateway Courses

Since 2006, the Hart Leadership Program has offered RSL gateway options in two core public policy courses: PPS301: Political Analysis in Public Policy, and PPS302: Policy Choice as Value Conflict. We also offer RSL gateway options in public policy elective courses such as PPS242s: Child Policy Research, and PPS261: Civic Engagement and Public Policy in the United States.

If you are enrolled in a public policy class that offers an RSL gateway option, your professor will mention this during the first week of class when the course syllabus is distributed. During the first few weeks of the semester, your professor will discuss research service learning at greater length in class, and program staff from the Hart Leadership Program will present project ideas with community partners that are specifically designed for your course. We will give you detailed information about the service projects, the requirements for participating in the RSL gateway option, and information about how to apply for the gateway option if you are interested.

RSL Pathway

Students who have taken an RSL gateway course have the basic preparation to design an independently funded community-based research (CBR) project in the summer, followed by a capstone project—usually an independent study course or an honors seminar and thesis project — that builds upon the summer CBR project. We can coach you on how to create a three-stage pathway project (gateway course, CBR project, capstone project) that fits your interests and needs, and we can give you guidance on potential funding sources for your field-based work. If you’d like to learn more, please contact Associate Director for the Hart Leadership Program.