Attend Our Info Session

The best way to learn more about SOL is to attend our annual SOL info session. The SOL 2023 info session has already occurred, and you can watch video of it above. The SOL 2024 info session will occur in fall 2023.

At the Info Session you will learn more about the structure of SOL and hear from previous participants about their SOL experiences.


Apply Online

The SOL application is a Google form that asks applicants to write thoughtfully and concisely about their interests, experiences, and community ties. All are encouraged to apply.

The application for SOL 2023 is now closed. The application for SOL 2024 will open in fall 2023. Contact Thalia Halloran (thalia.halloran@duke.edu) with any questions.


SOL Orientation

Once students are accepted, they will receive permission numbers to enroll in the spring gateway course, “Border Crossing.” They will also commit to attend a SOL Orientation in  November which will provide further guidance on preparing to participate in SOL.

SOL 2023 decisions will be communicated by 5pm on Monday, October 24.

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