We are offering SOL Summer Grants to eligible students in 2018. We will resume the yearlong SOL program in 2019.
You can find more information about SOL Summer Grants here.
The information below applies to the yearlong SOL program which will resume in 2019.


Enroll in the Spring Gateway Course: “Border Crossing”

Applying for the spring 2017 gateway course is the first step in joining SOL. In your application essay, we will ask you to outline your interest in taking the class. You can learn more about SOL at one of our info sessions in in the fall.

Upon your acceptance to the course, we will give you a permission number for PPS263: Border Crossing, Leadership, Value Conflicts, and Public Life.

The Border Crossing class is designed to help you develop theoretical knowledge and critical reflection skills for engaging with other cultures and working with diverse community organizations. You will receive training in basic research methods, conduct a service project for a partner organization in Durham, and be introduced to a leadership framework for analyzing complex problems in the public arena. Through challenging readings, lively discussions, and reflective writing, you will learn about leadership as the art of working productively with value differences and value conflicts.

The deadline for the 2017 SOL summer grant application has passed. Please contact the Research-Service Learning Coordinator with any questions.


Conduct a Community-Based Research Project

During the SOL Gateway Course, you will have the opportunity to apply for a summer research grant. The SOL summer grant application is due in early March, and we will provide training in how to complete the proposal.

To apply for the SOL grant, you will need to design a community-based research (CBR) project proposal that outlines your research project design and budget, describes your community partner organization, and lists your faculty mentor.

You officially become a SOL student when you accept a SOL grant. Accepting the grant signifies a commitment to complete your CBR project during the summer and to take the SOL capstone seminar in the fall. CBR Projects typically last 8 to 12 weeks. Each year, students work on a wide range of issues with organizations across the U.S. and around the world.

During the summer you will work with your community partner to refine your CBR project. You will also submit weekly writing assignments to the HLP writing coach and the Research Service Learning Coordinator detailing the progress of your research as well as your reflections on your learning experience.


Enroll in the SOL Capstone Class

After completing the summer CBR project, SOL students take the fall capstone course, PPS415: Adaptive Leadership. This course helps you integrate your summer work with concepts of leadership, ethics, politics, and policy design. Through case studies, you will learn to conduct rigorous analyses of complex policy issues. You will also create an in-depth research portfolio about a social issue connected to your summer work. The research portfolio incorporates multiple forms of analysis including a policy memo, book review, and leadership analysis.

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