Ashley Bae

(class of 2024, she/her/hers)

Ashley is a junior from Leesburg, VA majoring in pubic policy and cultural anthropology with a minor in global health. She is passionate about the use of storytelling methods in destigmatizing sexual and reproductive health. On campus, Ashley is involved with Duke Student Government, Duke SHAPE, the Center for Health Policy and Inequalities Research, Duke International Student Center, and is a cultural anthropology major ambassador. In her free time, Ashley enjoys spending time outside, reading, and ordering her parents to send her pictures of their dog.2023.

Joy Buchi-Ahiabuike

(class of 2025, she/her/hers)

Joy Buchi-Ahiabuike is a second-year Alumni Endowed Scholar from Gadsden, Alabama studying Biology and Global Health. She is interested in the factors that contribute to health disparities and its intersections with community health and education; she ultimately hopes to become a physician that places this problem & its solutions at the center of her practice. At Duke, Joy sings (and occasionally beatboxes) with the acapella group Something Borrowed Something Blue, and is a researcher with a Bass Connections team studying sustainable global neurosurgery in lower-middle income countries. In her free time, Joy enjoys reading, taking photos of the beauty around campus, and collecting Hard Rock Café merchandise.2023.

Juliette Fore

(class of 2026, she/her/hers)

Juliette Fore is a first year student from Alexandria, Virginia majoring in Public Policy. She is passionate about ending gender-based violence. In Alexandria, Juliette founded the One Love Club and trained over 1,000 of her peers on recognizing the signs of toxic relationships and how to act as a resource. Juliette is a member of the Duke One Love Club Executive Leadership Team, a member of the Sexual Assault Impact and Listening Committee (SAIL), and Club Lacrosse. Juliette is an avid traveler having spent time in Haiti and Kenya on humanitarian missions and hiking the Swiss Alps. She is one of four siblings and enjoys spending time with her extended family, walking her Bernese Mountain Dog, and anything to do with Broadway musicals. For her SOL service project, Juliette will be continuing her work with the One Love Foundation focused on relationship violence and educating on the signs of healthy relationships before it escalates to abuse.2023.

Sathvika Gandavarapu

(class of 2026, she/her/hers)

Sathvika is from Cary, North Carolina studying Public Policy and Global Health. She is involved with the Duke Health Policy Club, running her own nonprofit that serves clean water to underrepresented areas, and Partners in Health Engage. Things she does for fun are tae kwon do, calligraphy and hanging out with her friends! Her proudest accomplishment is her involvement with the Parkinson's Foundation, in honor of her grandmother. She hopes to combine her entrepreneurial, policy, and health interests in the future and work towards giving underrepresented communities a voice and strengthen the health policies in the United States.2023.

Carina Lei

(class of 2025, she/her/hers)

Carina is a sophomore studying (what will most likely be) psychology and visual media studies! On campus, she is heavily involved with chronic pain research and with Asian student organizations. She is interested in understanding how art and culture/identity intersect with psychology in healthcare settings, and wants to learn more about the ethics of community engagement while interacting with populations in said settings! In her free time, she enjoys swimming, painting, and playing piano with her chamber group. Carina is also a big fan of Cheerwine (the soda) and considers it one of her core personality traits.2023.

Coral Lin

(class of 2025, she/her/hers)

Coral is a sophomore from Newton, Massachusetts majoring in Public Policy and Economics with a minor in Environmental Science and Policy. She is passionate about empowering equitable and democratic outcomes in environment, housing, transportation, and economic status in local communities, particularly through community organizing and citizen engagement. Outside of class, she is on the executive boards of Our Urban Future and the Undergraduate Environmental Union, a member of Momentum Dance Company and Asian Students Association, and a research assistant on two Bass Connections teams focusing on plastics pollution and the environmental justice impacts of hog waste biogas, respectively. While Coral is still unsure of what the future holds, she hopes to continue to work at the intersections of policy and advocacy.2023.

Eleanor Mackey

(class of 2025, she/her/hers)

Eleanor Mackey is a sophomore pursuing a Program II in the intersection of race and education. While working as a substitute teacher, Eleanor became increasingly invested in addressing why certain children struggle to succeed and how we can help all children succeed. At Duke, she is the general manager of the campus-community radio station, WXDU. Eleanor also leads the educational component of TGC, a mentorship organization with middle schoolers at the Emily K. Center. Finally, Eleanor is the Program Director for Project BUILD, a community-service based orientation program. She loves working at the Lemur Center, drinking chai lattes, and going to the Durham Farmers Market.2023.

Mariana Meza

(class of 2026, she/her/hers)

Mariana Meza is a first-year student from El Paso, Texas passionate about the scope and intersections of immigration justice and racial equity, which she hopes to further explore through her SOL experience. Mariana engages with the cultural groups on campus as a Mi Gente First-Year Representative and member of the CMA’s Space Advisory Committee. She is the Academic and Community Engagement Chair for Blackwell House Council and a member of the Human Rights Student Advisory Board, additionally participating in Define America, Earthy Art, and DIRA’s Borderless publication. Prior to her time on campus, Mariana spent a gap year interning at a non-profit legal and advocacy firm providing pro bono services to migrants and refugees on the U.S.-Mexico border–an experience she seeks to incorporate as a SOL student.2023.

Zachary Patterson

(class of 2026, he/him/his)

Zachary Patterson is a first-year student from San Diego, California studying public policy and economics. Zachary’s passions lie in youth empowerment, creating educational equity, and utilizing policy to improve the quality of life. On campus, Zachary is involved in the Duke University Political Student Committee, Duke Wellness Caucus, the Dining Advisory Committee, American Grand Strategies, and the Center for Jewish Life and campus speaker series. Back home, Zachary formerly served as a school board member in San Diego Unified School District and currently runs an organization called the National Student Board Member Association dedicated to supporting and empowering students on school boards. During his free time, Zachary enjoys running, surfing, and spending time with family. This summer, Zachary hopes to gain a better understanding of how public policy decisions can disproportionately affect minority and rural communities.2023.

Jordan Phillips

(class of 2026, she/her/hers)

Jordan is a public policy major from Aberdeen, South Dakota. As the Class of 2026’s only representative from North or South Dakota, Jordan feels called to serve as an ambassador for rural communities and hopes to pursue a career surrounding rural policy and advocacy. On campus and in Durham, Jordan can be found working with Duke Student Government, serving as a member on the POLIS Student Committee, and coaching debate at a local Durham high school. In her free time, Jordan loves to sew, knit, and run through cornfields with her dog Dakota. She plans on spending her summer working in Southern rural communities before developing an affinity group for rural students on campus.2023.

Anushri Saxena

(class of 2025, she/her/hers)

Anushri Saxena is a Public Policy major and Global Health minor from Dallas, Texas. On campus, she is involved with the Human Rights Student Advisory Board and the design team for Runway of Dreams @ Duke. Anushri is passionate about mental health, disability inclusion, LGBTQ+ rights, and equitable healthcare. She previously worked with The Reflect Organization to promote mental wellness on college campuses. In her free time, Anushri enjoys baking, playing trumpet and piano, and watching movies.2023.

Griffin Storm

(class of 2026, he/him/his)

Griffin Storm is a prospective Public Policy and Statistics double-major from Norman, Oklahoma. He is passionate about addressing the world's clean water crisis to ensure access to safe water for current and future generations. During his free time, he enjoys trail running, songwriting, and playing any sport.2023.

Lauren Valle

(class of 2025, she/her/hers)

Lauren Valle is a sophomore from Winston-Salem, North Carolina studying Biology. Motivated by her strong interest in health policy and public health, she looks forward to exploring how policymaking can be used to better the health and well-being of minority communities across the United States. Currently Lauren participates in undergraduate research in the Horner Lab, studying host-pathogen interactions in RNA viruses. In addition, she is a member of Duke Student Collaborative on Health Policy where she volunteers with a project team helping NC residents navigate the Healthcare Marketplace. Outside of this, she is also the Publicity Chair for Mi Gente Latinx Student Association.2023.

Deepthi Chandra

(class of 2024, she/her/hers)

Deepthi Chandra is a sophomore from Bothell, Washington, who is studying Public Policy and Markets & Management. She is interested in marketing and data, especially communicating complex information in an intuitive and visual manner. Deepthi is the President of the Marketing Club and Director of Marketing for Duke's largest student-run business, Campus Enterprises. She is also currently interning at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) at the Department of Energy. In her free time, Deepthi enjoys drinking tea, finding new dessert places, and watching Korean dramas.2022.2022.

James Gao

(class of 2024, he/him/his)

 James Gao is a sophomore from Basking Ridge, NJ studying Public Policy and Statistics. On campus, he is a columnist for the Duke Chronicle, serves on the exec board of the Duke Democrats, and performs with the sketch comedy group Inside Joke. He is passionate about changing incentives to create a greener future, and hopes to attend law school to study consumer financial protection.2022.2022.

Rishab Jagetia

(class of 2024, he/him/his)

Rishab Jagetia is an Environmental Science and Policy Student from Houston, Texas. He is driven by the climate crisis and its corresponding climate and environmental justice-related effects. In addition, he is inspired by new forms of economic organizing that center democratic decision-making, worker power, and community resiliency. At Duke, Rishab spends most of his time with the Transformative Systems Project (TSP), an initiative exploring and critiquing our current systems to build a better future based on social justice, equality, and the wellbeing of people and planet. Outside of TSP, Rishab enjoys podcasting with the student-run Operation Climate Podcast, participating in a dance team, and playing sports whenever he can.2022.

Pilar Kelly

(class of 2024, she/her/hers)

Pilar Kelly is a Public Policy major and History minor from Chicago, Illinois. On campus, she is a member of the Duke Votes Coordinating Committee, Mi Gente's Political Committee, Duke Mutual Aid's Student Advisory Board, and the Chronicle's Community Editorial Board. She discovered her passion for affordable housing, equitable transportation, and urban development as a community organizer in Chicago and and looks forward to doing similar work this summer.2022.

James Liao

(class of 2024, he/him/his)

James Liao is a Public Policy and Philosophy major from Toronto, Canada. He is interested in exploring how public policy could be implemented to better the lives of immigrant communities and protect linguistic minorities. Currently he is performing linguistics research with Professor Yunchuan Chen on heritage speakers of Chinese. In addition, James is involved in Duke Chinese Dance which showcases traditional Chinese dance, and the Duke International Relations Association in which  he competes for the MUN team. He is a proud member of Langdorm and the Eruditio et Religio Living Learning Community. In his free time, he enjoys walking in the Garden, playing board games and reading.2022.

Zoë Macomber

(class of 2024, she/her/hers)

Zoe Macomber is studying Sustainable Urban Development: Leadership and Planning through her Program II major. Zoe has served as the Director of Engagement for the Duke Initiative for Urban Studies since she helped co-found the Initiative in the Fall of 2020. A sophomore from Charlotte, North Carolina, she is also a fellow with the Duke Partnership for Service and works as a Resident Assistant on West Campus. Zoe enjoys reading, kneading and eating bread, and is eager to get back into contra halls once they open up!2022.

Maite McPherson

(class of 2024, she/her/hers)

Maite McPherson is a second-year student majoring in Global Health and Public Policy with a Spanish minor. She was born in Marshall, Minnesota, but grew up in Kenya, Virginia, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Guatemala. She is interested in women's health equity and advocacy and got involved with this area while working with women's nutrition in Guatemala. Since working with those groups of women, she's explored this field more in her research while studying cervical cancer in Peru. For her summer project, she's doing a community-based project to learn about how mobilizing community leaders for better health outcomes can influence policy-making.2022.

Jessica On

(class of 2024, she/her/hers)

Jessica On is majoring in Public Policy and Education, while pursuing a certificate in Child Policy Research. She is interested in studying educational equity, how social barriers impact educational attainment, and ways to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline, like alternatives to exclusionary disciplinary policies. During her freshman year, Jessica was involved with Sanford's Polis as a Director's Fellow. This year, she works with Sanford's Development and Alumni Relations, the Hart Leadership Program, and as a research assistant at the Center for Child and Family Policy. On campus, she is involved with Project BUILD, the Pre-Law Society Phi Alpha Delta, and Duke Mutual Aid.2022.

Yadira Paz-Martinez

(class of 2025, she/her/hers)

Yadira Paz-Martinez is a first-year B.N. Duke Scholar from Clinton, North Carolina. She is currently majoring in Public Policy and Economics alongside obtaining the Human Rights certificate. Her focus is on studying economic disparities and racial inequalities, including farmworker rights and immigration laws/policies. Currently she is working on the communications committee for the Duke Transformative Systems Project, is an ambassador for the Sanford School of Public Policy, volunteers and coordinates for Duke Mutual Aid, and is the community liaison for Leaders UNITE. During her first year, she has researched gender violence in Latin America and continues to study this topic along with environmental justice and discovering new methods to live environmentally sustainable lifestyles. She plans to continue to pursue these areas of interest and research more about the intersection of education in low-funded communities and how socioeconomic status affects the outcomes of children based on race.2022.

Olivia Smith

(class of 2025, she/her/hers)

Olivia Smith is a first year student from Los Angeles, California majoring in Public Policy and minoring in Environmental Science and Gender Studies. She is passionate about gender equity and will be working on sex worker advocacy this summer with an emphasis on decriminalization.2022.

Andrew Sun

(class of 2025, he/him/his)

Andrew Sun is a first-year student from San Jose, California. He is passionate about utilizing mathematical methods toward social impact and political ends, with interests ranging from economic development, elections, and education. On campus, Andrew is involved in quantifying gerrymandering research, Student Organization Finance Committee (SOFC), and plays the oboe for his chamber music quartet (lovingly named “brownsugaroatmilkshakenespresso” ☕️). Back home, he is an assistant coach for his high school debate team and has led an international development nonprofit for three years. He also loves speechwriting and is an avid long-distance runner.2022.

Zara Thalji

(class of 2025, she/her/hers)

Zara Thalji is a prospective Public Policy and Environmental Science double-major from Chantilly, Virginia. She is passionate about addressing the growing inequities in affordable housing across America and improving political responsiveness on the local and national level. During her first year at Duke, she has served as a senator in Duke Student Government, a staff editor for Jasur Magazine, a member of Asian American Student Working Group, and is a Baldwin Scholar. In the future, she hopes to work in the Southeast, advocating for restorative justice and institutional political reform. This summer, Zara will work on understanding how community mobilization and historical redlining play a role in climate gentrification within coastal cities.2022.

Khilan Walker

(class of 2024, he/him/his)

Khilan Walker is a sophomore from Olive Branch, Mississippi studying Political Science, with a minor in African & African American Studies, and a certificate in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. He is a member of the Duke football team, as well as other campus involvement organizations such as Duke's 100 Black Men organization, the Duke Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention and Education (SHAPE) Initiative, and the Duke Justice Project. During his free time, he enjoys all things sports, music, and fashion.2022.

Ellen Zhang

(class of 2024, she/her/hers)

Ellen Zhang is a sophomore double majoring in Economics and Public Policy from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is passionate about understanding and addressing economic inequality in urban areas through community-based approaches. On campus, Ellen serves as a teaching assistant in the Economics department, a resident assistant on West Campus, and a member in the Revaluing Care in the Global Economy Bass Connections. She is also involved in Duke Impact Investing Group (DIIG) and Business Oriented Women (BOW). In both Durham and Charlotte, she regularly volunteers in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program to help prepare tax returns from low-income households in her community. Building off her VITA experience, she recently created and implemented a tax literacy program through a local nonprofit organization to help financially empower young and/or disadvantaged people in her community and beyond.2022.

Elizabeth Berenguer

(Class of 2024, She/Her/Hers)

Elizabeth Berenguer is a first-year A.B. Duke Scholar from Hialeah, Florida. She is incredibly interested in working to better the livelihoods of immigrants, language minorities, and those living in low and moderate-income communities. While in Durham, Elizabeth is involved with student government, Durham SOUP, and works for the City of Durham on their Participatory Budgeting initiative. This summer, she will work for the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Economic Opportunity to build capacity in the Promise Zone. The LA Promise Zone is a collective impact project to fight urban poverty that involves leaders from government, non-profit, and community-based organizations.2021.

Connor Booher

(Class of 2024, He/Him/His)

Connor is a prospective Public Policy and Computer Science student from Asheville, North Carolina. He is passionate about understanding and addressing the unequal effects of the affordable housing crisis in America. During his first year at Duke, Connor has worked as a research assistant on projects studying the impact of poverty and racial inequality on the course of one’s life, and he looks forward to doing similar work this summer. Beyond that, Connor is a data researcher at the American Futures Institute, a staff writer at The Chronicle, a mentee of Microsoft’s Technical Resiliency program, and is involved with Duke’s Polarization Lab. This summer, he’ll be partnering with Pisgah Legal Services—a nonprofit that provides legal assistance and advocacy to low-income Western North Carolinians—conducting data analysis of the organization’s housing, legal, and development work.2021.

Saralyn Carcy

(Class of 2023, She/Her/Hers)

Saralyn Carcy is a Public Policy major and Spanish minor from central Wisconsin. She is a David M. Rubenstein Scholar, the Deputy Editor of The Wellian Magazine, and a member of the Visions of Freedom LLC. In her free time, Saralyn enjoys completing puzzles, watching black-and-white movies, and scrapbooking. As an aspiring lawyer, Saralyn is interested in understanding the real-world consequences of government policies on residents. This summer, she will be partnering with the Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross Society to better understand the ways in which climate change impacts Trinidadian residents. Her project will include a series of interviews with individuals who are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change and a report detailing how Trinidadian youth can best engage in climate change advocacy.2021.

Meghna Datta

(Class of 2023, She/Her/Hers)

Meghna Datta is a rising junior from Madison, WI. She is pursuing a Program II degree (Medicine, Mortality, and a Meaningful Life) while on the pre-medical track. At Duke, she is a Baldwin Scholar and is primarily involved in FEMMES+, Duke Hindu Students Association, the Duke Symphony Orchestra, and research. In the future she hopes to enter medicine with a focus on person-centered care, specifically for aging and/or terminally ill individuals. For her SOL project, she is interning at The Green House Project, which is working to revolutionize the future of elder care. In her free time, she loves to read, write, discover new music, be outdoors, and spend time with family and friends.2021.

Saad Hakim


Krystal Hu

(Class of 2022, She/Her/Hers)

Academic Focus: Digital Humanities – particularly how digital technology is shaping history and memory making in cultural heritage preservation.

Service Learning: The Future of Cities - a service learning attempt to rescue the loss of culture in a series of urban modernization progress.

Mentoring: Reaching my 3-year mark as Resident Assistant for 1st-year students. Yes. I am THAT person who loves her job because she gets to stay in the community she built from scratch herself.

Leadership training: Panhellenic Delegate for campus Greek life and Philanthropy Director for the NC Make-A-Wish foundation.

*Krystal Hu is a VMS major and Statistics minor from Beijing, China. 2021.

Jess Jiang

(Class of 2024)

Jess, from San Jose, CA., was inspired to learn more about global health by reading Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder and is interested in health policy and implementation.2021.

Gracie Joo

(Class of 2022, She/Her/Hers)

Gracie is a Public Policy major with minors in Global Health and Statistics. A junior from Raleigh, NC, Gracie is passionate about health inequalities and finding solutions to complex health policy challenges experienced by marginalized populations. On campus, Gracie serves as a research assistant in Duke's Center for Health Policy Inequalities Research (CHPIR), Events Operations Manager for Sanford Career Services, and President of Duke's Liberty in North Korea club. Outside of classes, Gracie enjoys spending time with friends, cooking new recipes, and taking pictures of beautiful skies. This summer, Gracie will be working with the NC Department of Health and Human Services's Office of Rural Health.2021.

Ruthie Kesri

(Class of 2024, She/Her/Hers)

Ruthie Kesri is a first-year Political Science and Global Health double-major from Bowling Green, Kentucky. On campus, Ruthie is a part of the Baldwin Scholars program, serves as a Divisional Vice President for Duke-UNICEF, and is involved in the Cyber Team and the Polarization Lab. She also works as a policy research assistant for the Wilson Center for Science and Justice as well as a research analyst examining theoretical determinants of collective action in the contexts of global power struggles for the Duke Department of Political Science. This summer, Ruthie will be working with the Duke Law Center for Criminal Justice and Professional Responsibility analyzing the effectiveness of the Duke-based Innocence Project.2021.

Catherine McMillian

(Class of 2022, She/Her/Hers)

Catherine McMillan is a History major and Education minor from Charlotte, NC. At Duke, she serves on student government and works as a peer advisor. She is also active in the nonprofit sphere, supporting several North Carolina-based organizations as a grant writer, coordinator, and volunteer. In Durham, she works at the Community Empowerment Fund on the Advocate Community Engagement team. Back home in Charlotte, she launched Greater Charlotte Area Mutual Aid (GCAMA), a youth-led nonprofit organization that centers Resilience, Resources, and Relationships in their community-engaged projects. This summer, she will be continuing her work with GCAMA in partnership with the Living Archive, a new oral-history initiative sponsored by the Duke Endowment to chronicle community narratives in creative and dynamic ways.2021.

Karam Oubari

(Class of 2023, He/Him/His)

Karam Oubari is a rising junior double-majoring in Public Policy and Statistics. He is Syrian American but currently resides in Bend, Oregon. At Duke, Karam is involved in the Kenan Refugee Project, Duke Student Government Research Unit, the Alexander Hamilton Society, and the University Scholars Program. Overall, Karam is interested in international development, social impact, and global affairs, and hopes to pursue a career that touches on these areas. In connection with these interests, this summer, Karam will be interning at the Peace Corps' Office of Strategic Information, Research, and Planning (OSIRP) to understand how data analysis can be used to evaluate international development and improve its impacts on communities worldwide.2021.

Yazmia Snipes

(Class of 2022, She/Her/Hers)

Yazmia Snipes is studying History, with a geographic concentration in the United States. She is also minoring in chemistry and biology, while performing research in the areas of business and history. She is interested in historicizing and contextualizing the impact of previous political events on the health of modern Americans, especially within communities of color. She is a member of the Writing and Editorial Committee for The Duke Center for Global Reproductive Health’s Student Advisory Board. For her SOL service project, Yazmia is doing a community based project working to improve local youth education and resources for health wellness and career planning. 2021.2021.

Albert Sun

(Class of 2023, He/Him/His)

Albert Sun is a sophomore Math/CS double major and Statistics minor. His course of study focuses on understanding how data-driven advocacy and algorithmic fairness/privacy research can support efforts to fight for social equity. Outside of class, he is the director of the Duke Tech for Equity initiative, an internship program matching Duke computer science students with paid opportunities to work on technical projects with community organizations. For his SOL project, he plans on working with the Vera Institute of Justice on their In Our Backyards initiative, where he’ll create data tools and work directly with local community justice organizers in rural cities across the United States, such as ACLU-TN, Texas Jail Project, EmaNCipate.2021.

Bhamini Vellanki

(Class of 2022, She/Her/Hers)

Bhamini Vellanki is a public policy major and neuroscience and biology minor. She serves as a Research Assistant at the Duke Center for Research to Advance Healthcare Equity (REACH). Additionally, as a member of the Big Data for Reproductive Health Bass Connections team, Bhamini is leading one group in measuring how significant political events influence reproductive trends and social perceptions about contraceptive uptake on Twitter. Next year, with support from a Bass Student Research Award, she will be analyzing the differences in contraceptive access among women of reproductive age with intellectual disabilities in NC. On campus, Bhamini is involved with The Student Sexual Misconduct Prevention Committee and the Kenan Refugee Project. Previously, Bhamini has worked as a Research Assistant to Dr. Juliette Duara -- conducting research on reproductive laws and tracking the evolving legal, political, and geographic landscape of abortion access in the US -- and as a Research and Advocacy Intern at a domestic violence and sexual assault services agency. Bhamini is passionate about health equity and reproductive justice, specifically in understanding how socio-economic and political contexts engender racial and gender disparities in healthcare.This summer, for her SOL project, she will be partnering with InterAct of Wake County (provider of domestic violence and sexual assault services in Wake County, NC) to research the unjust billing of sexual assault survivors for Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits (commonly known as rape kits) and other forms of emergency medical care.2021.

Josephine Vonk

(Class of 2023, She/Her/Hers)

Josephine Vonk is a Psychology Major with Certificates in Documentary Studies and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Her hometown is Spring, TX.2021.

Gabrielle Allmendinger

(Class of 2022, she/they)

Summer Project: The US High Speed Rail Association (Washington, DC). Social Media Strategies on USHSRA

Gabrielle (Belle) Allmendinger is a Neuroscience and International Comparative Studies double-major from Boston. They have served as VP of Programming for Blue Devils United for two years, volunteered at the Puppy Kindergarten, and worked at the Costume Shop. Currently, Belle is an Resident Assistant and a Research Assistant at the Wilson Center for Science and Justice. Initially inspired by their Duke in China program, they were interested in exploring policy surrounding US public transportation. For their SOL project, Belle worked with the US High Speed Rail Association to establish its social media presence and increase its public engagement.2020.

Chitra Balakrishnan

(Class of 2021, she/her/hers)

Summer Project: Valens Global (Washington, DC). A Look into the Incel Movement, a Misogynist Online Subculture

Chitra Balakrishnan is a philosophy major and mathematics minor from Chicago. Her favorite organizations to work with on Duke's campus include the Kenan Refugee Project’s Citizenship Lab and education advocacy team, the Duke Student Government Judiciary, and the Cyber Policy and Gender Violence Initiative. Over the past few years, Chitra has realized her interests in public policy through experiences with the Chicago Office of the City Clerk, the Council of Europe, and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network. This summer, she will be partnering with Valens Global to better understand ways in which security concerns can align with advocacy on behalf of vulnerable populations such as gender violence survivors.2020.

Nora Benmamoun

(Class of 2022, she/her/hers)

Summer Project: North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (Raleigh, NC). A Plan for Reopening NC’s K-12 Schools

Nora Benmamoun is a Public Policy and Asian and Middle Eastern Studies double major. A sophomore from Champaign, IL, Nora is a Baldwin Scholar, a research assistant in the Duke Identity Lab, a team member in the Prevention of Sexual Misconduct on University Bass Connections, and a resident assistant in Trinity dorm on East Campus. Nora enjoys reading, watching documentaries, and learning Chinese in her free time. For her SOL project, Nora will work for the City and Country of Denver Department of Safety and research the impact of COVID-19 on the prison and court systems.2020.

Caroline Doherty

(Class of 2021, she/her/hers)

Summer Project: Coker Wimberly Elementary School (Battleboro, NC). Develop Repository of Special Education Lesson Plans for Middle School Students in Eastern North Carolina

Caroline Doherty is a public policy major and a global health minor and is completing the pre-med requirements. Caroline enjoys participating in club volleyball, the Women Inspired Strategies for Health Bass Connections project, and doing domestic minor sex trafficking research at the Kenan Institute for Ethics. She is also president of the Duke chapter of Doctors Without Borders and on the Duke Senior Class Council. She will begin graduate school in the fall of 2021 and will be pursuing a master's degree in public health. Caroline is passionate about reducing health inequity and wants to use her education to influence health policy. This summer, she worked with the Tarboro Public School system to create online materials to facilitate student learning and improve mental health.2020.

Margaret Gaw

(Class of 2022, she/her/hers)

Summer Project: Partners for Youth Opportunity now known as Durham Children’s Initiative (Durham, NC). COVID-19 Chronicles: Zooming in on Durham Youth – A Podcast

Margaret Gaw, an English major and chemistry minor from Nashville, loves learning, laughing, and hiking in the great outdoors. When her nose is not in a book or journal, she is in deep conversation with a friend or listening to Hamilton. A Baldwin Scholar, she is involved in Duke Honor Council, the Kenan Refugee Project, the Episcopal Center, and the Ronald McDonald House. She wants to be a doctor empowering, equipping, and partnering with marginalized women and families to live with health and wellbeing. She loves learning at the intersections of the humanities and medicine and has interests in global health and social determinants of health. For her virtual SOL 2020 project, she is documenting underrepresented voices of young people in Durham and their perspectives during COVID-19. In collaboration with Partners for Youth Opportunities (PYO), she is interviewing and working with youth to understand and hopefully mitigate social and educational disparities.2020.

Carlee Goldberg

(Class of 2022, she/her/hers)

Summer Project: United States Department of Justice, Voting Rights Division (Washington, DC). Barriers and Challenges to Voting Among Native American Communities

Carlee Goldberg is a political science and history major. A junior from Parkland, FL, Carlee is an A.B. Duke Scholar, serves as a Duke Student Government Justice, and researches the overlap between civic engagement, juvenile justice, and gun violence. Outside of Duke, Carlee serves as the President for the Triangle Debate League, an organization aimed at increasing access to speech and debate opportunities in the triangle area. This summer, Carlee is working with the Department of Justice Voting Section and conducting research on voting barriers facing indigenous communities.2020.

Sakib Hoque

(Class of 2021, he/him/his)

Summer Project: Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity – MASGD (Washington, DC). Compendium of Resources and Organizations Working to Advance the Rights of LGBATQ Religious Youth

Sakib Hoque is a biology Major with minors in linguistics and chemistry and is originally from San Antonio, TX. Outside of classes, Sakib can be found volunteering at Duke Hospital or exploring a developing passion for botany at the Pryer & Windham Lab. He also serves on the executive board of Duke’s American Sign Language Club and as the Philanthropy & Volunteer Chair of his coed board game fraternity, Psi Upsilon. Experiences with volunteering in nursing homes have turned his focus toward medical school to pursue a career in geriatrics, but he is also passionate about LGBTQ+ advocacy. This summer, Sakib will be exploring the intersection of queerness and Islam by working with the Muslim Alliance for Sexual & Gender Diversity (MASGD).2020.

Lizzy Kramer

(Class of 2022, she/her/hers)

Summer Project: GOTV Campaign for 2020 Election (Durham, NC) Durham For All 

Lizzy Kramer is completing an interdepartmental major in cultural anthropology and public policy, with a certificate in human rights. She was inspired to study cultural anthropology in a first-year seminar about the US/Mexico border, which combined artwork and narratives told by migrants to create a holistic understanding of the border. After this, she became interested in ways communities can unite, through art and social action, to change the policies that oppress them. She pursues this interest by working with local artists to use art as a form of social resistance and empowerment. On campus, she works as a gallery guide at the Nasher Museum of Art and off campus she works at Ninth Street Bakery and the Community Empowerment Fund. This past summer, she worked with Durham for All to find ways to mobilize voters to make the city better serve their needs2020.

Olivia Kramer

(Class of 2021, she/her/hers)

Summer Project: Tent Partnership for Refugees (New York, NY). “Lives UNSTUCK” – Campaign to Understand and Rebrand Perceptions of Refugees in the United States

Olivia Kramer is a Political Science major pursuing certificates in Human Rights and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). A fourth-year student from Miami Beach, she is passionate about refugee policy and human rights. Outside of class, Olivia is an active member of the Dukes and Duchesses and the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Duke University Journal of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. In the past, she worked as an intern with Church World Service Durham, a refugee resettlement organization, providing support in its Office of Legal Services. For her SOL project, she supported the Tent Partnership for Refugees on a project facilitating private sector engagement with the global refugee population.2020.

Mehdina Koleini

(Class of 2021, she/her/hers)

Summer Project: Horizons Greater Washington (Washington, DC). Positive Impacts of Summer Education Programming Among Youth from Low Income Families

Mehdina Koleini is a public policy studies major from Cocoa Beach, Florida. Mehdina works as a research assistant at the Sanford School of Public Policy. As someone deeply interested in social policy issues, Mehdina decided to focus on the impacts of summer education programs for underserved children in the D.C. area. Her project will include a report displaying the valuable effects that school-based programs have on summer learning. This project will be conducted with the help and guidance of Horizons Greater Washington D.C.2020.

Lily Levin

(Class of 2023, she/her/hers)

Summer Project: Poor People’s Campaign (Durham, NC). Recruitment and Dissemination for Virtual Online Moral March

Lily Levin is a prospective cultural anthropology and English Major from Raleigh. During her first year at Duke, she worked as a student leader with NARAL-NC, a co-leader of the North Carolina Poor People’s Campaign Youth Contingent, and a member of the student advisory board for the Duke Human Rights Center. She plans to continue her advocacy with the Poor People’s Campaign this summer, engaging in a remote internship to organize at the grassroots level and recruit community members to participate in an online nationwide moral march. She also will be an intern with the Community Empowerment Fund in Durham to expand on locally based work.2020.

Leslie Li

(Class of 2023, she/her/hers)

Summer Project: MAYLOVE -Shenzhen MeiShenMe Network Technology Co. LTD (Sehenzhen Guangdong Province, PRC). Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Education Plans for Students in China

Leslie Li is a prospective public policy major from Nanjing, China with an interest in health policy, education, and social justice. She is partnering with MAYLOVE, a sex education organization, to develop online sexual and reproductive health courses for students in China. At Duke, she is involved with the Duke Chinese Theater and Duke Debating Society while holding a part-time job at the Library Acquisition Department. Outside of class, she loves cooking in the dorm kitchen and inviting friends for a taste of her new dishes.2020.

Swathi Ramprasad

(Class of 2021, she/her/hers)

Summer Project: American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA). Policing Youth: Effects of School Safety Measures on the ‘School-to-Prison Pipeline’

Swathi Ramprasad is studying computer science and public policy. She is passionate about civil rights and will be working with the ACLU of Philadelphia on issues related to the school-to-prison pipeline. Outside of schoolwork, she is involved in the Cyber Policy and Gender Violence Initiative, works with SuWa, a mentorship program for refugee families in Durham, and also with Duke Partnership for Service. She hopes that she can learn from her summer experience from a place of humility and empathy.2020.

Quinn Smith

(Class of 2023, he/him/his)

Summer Project: Indian Arts and Crafts Board (IACB), United States Department of the Interior (Glacier National Park, Montana). The Lives and Lived Experience of the Blackfeet Nation in Montana – A Photodocumentary

Quinn Smith is a Chickasaw documentarian and writer from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He strives to shatter stereotypes about indigenous people by uplifting Native voices and documenting a shared humanity that has long been silenced. He strongly believes this is the only way we can see positive political and social change. Quinn works with the Indian Arts and Crafts Board to create museum documentaries to play across the US. He also works with the Duke Gardens to transform a space which sees over 500,000 annual visitors to feature indigenous oral histories and to forge reciprocal relationships with tribes and Indian organizations. As a writer for The Wellian Magazine, Quinn explores hard truths in Indian country through historical and political lenses, informed by his documentary work.2020.

Micalyn Struble

(Class of 2022, she/her/hers)

Summer Project: Center for Cybersecurity Policy and Law & Third Way (Washington, DC). White Paper on Closing the Gaps in Enforcement of Cybersecurity Policy and Reducing Cybercrime

Micalyn Struble is majoring in computer science and philosophy. She is proud to be from the Bay Area (go Warriors!) but has loved her time in North Carolina and plans to one day live in the American South. Outside of class, she does research for Sanford Cyber Policy, the Duke Center for Science and Justice, and the Biometrics & Immigration Policy Bass Connections team. She is also part of the re-entry and restorative justice communities within the Religious Coalition for a Nonviolent Durham. In summer 2020, she will create nonpartisan cybercrime recommendations for the next presidential administration and research the cybersecurity vulnerabilities of electronic monitoring under the guidance of the Center for Cybersecurity Policy and Law.2020.

Milagros de Souza

(Class of 2021, she/her/hers)

Summer Project: Remake (Virtual Organization). #NoNewClothes: Campaign for Advancing Sustainable Practices in the Fashion Industry

Milagros de Souza is a Program II major—Philosophy of the Fashion Industrial Complex: Production and Consumption. Originally from Washington D.C., Mila is passionate about and participates in all things sustainable fashion. In her daily life, Mila only buys sustainable or second-hand clothing while also trying to live a more sustainable life in general. In her career, Mila is a stylist, model, designer, blogger, and entrepreneur in the fashion industry. In all of these roles, Mila incorporates social and/or environmental sustainability. This summer, Mila will be working with Remake, a non-profit committed to making fashion a force for good, in order to organize a #NoNewClothes Campaign and a sustainable fashion conference for college students.2020.

Emily Woodrow

(Class of 2021, she/her/hers)

Summer Project: Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Washington, DC). Policy Paper to Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19

Emily Woodrow is a global health and public policy major from Phoenix, Arizona. Emily cares deeply about promoting health equity on a global scale. On campus, Emily is involved in the Duke Center for Global Reproductive Health, the Duke UNICEF Student Advisory Committee, and Bass Connections. After interning in the U.S. House of Representatives last summer, Emily hopes to combine her interests by working in the field of health policy after graduation. For her SOL project, Emily will be partnering with Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. She hopes to gain perspective through her work advocating for the Global Fund by engaging with U.S. policy makers and influencers.2020.

Jessie Xu

(Class of 2022, she/her/hers)

Summer Project: Federal Reserve Board of the United States, Division of Supervision and Regulation (Washington, DC). Costs of Being ‘Unbanked’ Among Low-Income Households.

Jessie Xu is studying Public Policy and Economics, originally from Connecticut and Shanghai, China. On campus, Jessie co-leads Duke Impact Investing Group and the Duke chapter of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance. After first conducting Bass Connections research on the 2008 financial crisis in her sophomore year, Jessie became passionate about affordable housing finance and urban economics, leading her to conducting research with the Federal Reserve Board on the cost of banking in low-income communities. She is now conducting her senior thesis in partnership with Self-Help Credit Union on addressing the racial wealth gap through homeownership.2020.

Allison Bunker

CBR Project: “A Guide to Building Diverse Hubs for the Sunrise Movement.” Sunrise Movement (Durham, NC).2019.

Andrew Carlins

CBR Project: “Harnessing the Power of Storytelling to Understand Complex Narratives and Drive Community Change in Israel.” African Refugee Development Center (Tel Aviv, Israel).2019.

Anne Crabill

CBR Project: “Engaging High School History Students with Primary Source Material from the British National Archives: How did the Victorians view compulsory vaccination?” British National Archives (London, UK).2019.

Soraya Durand

CBR Project: “How do the different social structures within Palestinian refugee camps shape the identities and socioeconomic outcomes of the refugees?” United Lebanon Youth Project (Beirut, Lebanon).2019.

Kate Evans

CBR Project: “Evaluating the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative in New Jersey.” Advocates for Children of New Jersey (Newark, NJ).2019.

Ashil Jhaveri

CBR Project: “Pretrial Detention in the Wake of Criminal Justice Reform in New Jersey Background.” New Jersey Office of the Public Defender (Somerville, NJ).2019.

Sujeiry Jimenez

CBR Project: “5 Things to Know About the Bracero Program.” El Centro de los Trabajadores Agricolas Fronterizos (El Paso, TX).2019.

Daniel Karlin

CBR Project: “Federal Policy Responses: Providing Housing for Rhode Island’s Senior Population.” Office of Congressman David Cicilline (Providence, RI).2019.

Manish Kumar

CBR Project: “Gentrification, Jubilee, and Justice Housing: Implications for Seniors and Aging in Place.” Jubilee Housing (Washington, D.C.).2019.

Keyin Lu

CBR Project: “Durham Crisis Response Center Community Needs Assessment.” Durham Crisis Response Center (Durham, NC).2019.

Lindsay Morgenstein

CBR Project: “Increasing Youth Engagement in Politics: A Plan for a High School Fellowship.” Jewish Center for Justice (Los Angeles, CA).2019.

Lenae Ryan

CBR Project: “A Plan for an Early Learning Center in the Gainesville Empowerment Zone.” Gainesville for All (Gainesville, FL).2019.

Aditya Santoki

CBR Project: “Attitudes of Low-Income Families Toward Vaccination in Durham.” Durham County Department of Public Health (Durham, NC).2019.

Christian Sheerer

CBR Project: “Exploring the Efficacy of a Debate Program for At-Risk Youth.” Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (Miami, FL).2019.

Amelia Steinbach

CBR Project: “The Influence of Female Senators.” Office of Senator Mazie Hirono (Washington, D.C.).2019.

Jessica Sullivan

CBR Project: “Voter Registration and Information in Durham, NC and Rural Expansion Counties.” You Can Vote (Durham, NC).2019.

SOL Summer Grants


Due to the retirement of the Hart Leadership Program Director, Alma Blount, the traditional yearlong SOL program was not offered in 2018. Instead, the Hart Leadership Program offered SOL Summer Grants. The grants were awarded to undergraduates to design and conduct community-based research projects collaboratively with partner organizations for 8-12 weeks during the summer. 2018.

Tevin Brown

CBR Project: "Comparing Forest Microclimatology In Tropical Montane Wet Forest." Monteverde Institute (Monteverde, Costa Rica).

Tevin Brown (class of 2019) is pursuing an interdisciplinary major in Earth and Ocean Sciences and Computer Science. Tevin will partner with the Monteverde Institute in Costa Rica on a project concerned with mitigating the risk of landslide during heavy rain events.2018.

Aanan Henderson

CBR Project: “Impacts of a vacancy tax on affordable housing in South Los Angeles.” Strategic Actions for a Just Economy  (Los Angeles, CA).

Aanan Henderson ( class of 2020) is a History and Economics double major. This summer, he is partnering with Strategic Actions for a Just Economy in Los Angeles, California, to study the effects of local taxes on affordable housing.2018.

Gino Nuzzolillo

CBR Project: “The Future of the Unlocking Doors Initiative: A Preliminary Report for the Community Empowerment Fund.” Community Empowerment Fund (Durham, NC). 

Gino Nuzzolillo (class of  2020) is pursuing a History major and was a participant of the yearlong SOL program in 2017. This year, he will partner with the Community Empowerment Fund in Durham, North Carolina, to conduct research on city-wide initiatives that address access to affordable housing and the financial capability-building of residents.2018.

Lauren Pederson

CBR Project: “Limahuli Stream Monitoring.” Limahuli Garden and Preserve (Hanalei, HI).

Lauren Pederson (class of 2019) is an Environmental Science major. She will partner with the Limahuli Garden and Preserve, one of the five gardens within the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Hawaii. Lauren will work with the Garden to conduct assessments of the Limahuli stream, with the goal of turning their monitoring methods into a model for other streams across the island.2018.

Nisha Uppuluri

CBR Project: “Birth and Maternal Health In Durham, NC.” Centering Pregnancy Program in the Durham County Public Health Department (Durham, NC).

Nisha Uppuluri (class of 2019) is a Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies and Global Health double major. She will partner with the Centering Pregnancy Program in the Durham County Public Health Department, to study the impact of self-advocacy programming among Latin American mothers.2018.

Erin Williams

CBR Project: “Alone in the Search for Olivia Lone Bear.” White Bison (Colorado Springs, CO).

Erin Williams (class of 2020) is pursuing a double major in Public Policy Studies and Cultural Anthropology. Erin, who was a participant in the SOL program in 2017, will continue her partnership with White Bison in Colorado. This summer, she hopes to study the phenomenon of missing native women within the context of their native communities.2018.

Linda Zhang

CBR Project: “Recommendations for Siemens’ Apprenticeship Based on Research Results.” Siemen’s Corporation (Charlotte, NC).

Linda Zhang (class of 2020) is a Public Policy Studies major and will partner with the Siemen’s Corporation in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Linda, who was participated in the SOL program in 2017, will continue her research about higher education by investigating vocational apprenticeship program as an alternative to higher education.2018.

Joyce Er

CBR Project: “The present state of interpreter availability and usage: a descriptive analysis.” Transient Workers Count Too (Singapore, Singapore). 2017.

Joyce Er (class of 2020) is a prospective Public Policy Studies and Computer Science major. A first-year student from Singapore, Joyce serves as the University News department head at The Chronicle and co-chairs the Duke University Union Visual Arts Committee. She also serves as the vice-president of the Singapore Students’ Association, assists with the Laboratory for Unconventional Conflict Analysis and Simulation, and sits on the Arts Annex Advisory Board, First-Year Library Advisory Board, and Nasher MUSE. She will also serve as a Resident Assistant and Bass Connections researcher this fall. For her SOL project, Joyce is working with Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2), a non-profit organization she worked with in high school, whose mission is to promote equitable treatment for migrant workers in Singapore.2017.

Capstone Portfolio: “The growing pains of Singapore’s aging population”

Spencer Flynn

CBR Project: “Patient Attendance and Staff Feedback.”Meet Each Need with Dignity (Pacoima, CA). 2017.

Spencer Flynn (class of 2019) is originally from Thousand Oaks in Southern California and is pursuing a double major in Chemistry and Philosophy. During the academic year he works in Durham as a hospice volunteer, at Duke as a research assistant in the new Health Humanities lab, and as an EMT with Duke University Emergency Medical Services. For his SOL summer, Spencer is working with Meet Each Need with Dignity (MEND), a medical clinic in Pacoima, California, to identify healthcare barriers of underprivileged residents in the San Fernando Valley. Spencer is passionate about community health outreach as a means to community empowerment and improved health outcomes, and is interested in and troubled by geriatric healthcare policy and national attitudes.2017.

Capstone Portfolio: “How to Die Well in America: Physician-Patient End of Life Conversations”

Gianna Giordano

CBR Project: “Examining the Sanctuary Model in Community Foster Care.” The Crossnore School & Children’s Home (Winston Salem, NC). 2017.

Gianna Giordano (class of 2019) is from New Providence, New Jersey and is pursuing a degree in Public Policy Studies. On campus, Gianna is a peer advisor, an advocate for the Community Empowerment Fund, and a member of the Club Equestrian Team. After her freshman year, Gianna participated in DukeEngage Peru and worked in the Hogar Amantaní orphanage. This experience prompted her to learn more about child welfare in the United States and inspired her SOL summer project.2017.

Capstone Portfolio: “Building a Trauma-Informed Foster Care System”

Ebony Hargro

CBR Project: “Enhancing the Security and Safety of Human Rights Defenders: A Toolkit.” Corporate Accountability International (Boston, MA). 2017.

Ebony Hargro (class of  2018) is from Charlotte, North Carolina and is majoring in International Comparative Studies with a minor in French. At Duke, Ebony has been able to indulge her love of travel, going abroad four times through opportunities such as DukeEngage and SIT Study Abroad. In her free time, Ebony also loves to dance. This summer, Ebony is working in Boston, Massachusetts, with Corporate Accountability International, an NGO committed to stopping human rights abuses by global corporations. From her SOL community-based research project, she hopes to write an Honors ICS Thesis, examining the relationship between multi-stakeholder initiatives, development, and human rights within the cocoa industry.2017.

Capstone Portfolio: "Minority Under-Representation in Gifted Education"

Zhong Huang

CBR Project: “Social Impact Metrics: Homemaker Program.” Chinese Mutual Aid Association (Chicago, IL). 2017.

Zhong Huang (class of 2019) was born in China and immigrated to Cleveland, Ohio at the age of nine. He is pursuing a degree in Sociology and is particularly interested in studying the dynamics between race and society, as well as differential access to healthcare for under-served communities. At Duke, Zhong is involved with the Community Empowerment Fund, Duke Swing Dance Club, and serves on The Chronicle Editorial Board. He also works as a peer tutor and a Resident Assistant to first year students. This summer, Zhong is working with the Chinese Mutual Aid Association in Chicago, Illinois, a social services agency that provides programs for youth, adults, and senior citizens.2017.

Capstone Portfolio: “Strengthening Chinese-American Health Coalitions: Mobilizing Chinese-Americans”

Omar Khan

Community-Based Project: "Urban Ministries Volunteer Training Assessment Form." Urban Ministries (Durham, NC). 2017.

Omar Khan (class of 2019) is a Pakistani international student who is double majoring in Global Health and Chemistry with a Biological Emphasis. On campus, Omar is an executive officer in Duke's International Association, as well as the Creative Design Director for the Sophomore Class Council. He has also worked at the Center for Leadership Development and Social Action, and participated in DukeEngage Jordan last summer. This summer, Omar is working in Durham, North Carolina with Urban Ministries, an organization that provides food, shelter, and resources for homeless populations.2017.

Capstone Portfolio: "The Syrian Refugee Crisis in Jordan; the Tipping Point"

Emily McAuliffe

CBR Project: "Walking the Line: Following the Route of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline." Rachel Carson Council (Washington, DC). 2017.

Emily McAuliffe (class of 2018) is from Falls Church, Virginia and is pursuing a major in Public Policy Studies, a minor in Environmental Science and Policy, and a Certificate in the Study of Ethics. She is passionate about the intersections of environmental issues, social justice, and public policy. In her free time, Emily is an avid runner, and particularly enjoys running around the D.C. monuments at sunset. This summer, Emily is working with the Rachel Carson Council, an environmental non-profit in Washington, D.C., to investigate the impacts of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline on surrounding communities.2017.

Capstone Portfolio: “Sexual Assault at Duke”

Ashlyn Nuckols

CBR Project: "Envisioning a Durham for All: Perspectives on living, working and voting in Durham as a working class person of color." Durham For All (Durham, NC). 2017.

Ashlyn Nuckols (class of 2018) is from Burlington, Vermont, and is pursuing degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Political Science, with a focus on Politics and Social Identity. Ashlyn serves as president of the Duke chapter of United Students Against Sweatshops and is involved in labor organizing on and off campus. She is also a founding member of The Cook Center Media Workshop, a student-led group that produces film and media related to social justice issues in North Carolina. Ashlyn frequently works on freelance video projects and occasionally contributes articles to The Chronicle and Duke Political Review.  For her summer project, Ashlyn is working with Durham For All, a nonprofit that strives to mobilize working class and people of color communities for progressive causes, to examine the factors affecting political participation among low-income Durham residents, particularly staff members at Duke. Her research will help inform her senior thesis on social identity and community organizing in Durham, North Carolina.2017.

Capstone Portfolio: “Finding the Voice of the People: Declining Municipal-level Political Participation in the 21st Century U.S.A”

Gino Nuzzolillo

CBR Project: "Wine to Water: Dominican Republic Market Research Report." Wine to Water (Boone, NC and Moca, Dominican Republic). 2017.

Gino Nuzzolillo (class of 2020) is from Omaha, Nebraska and is pursuing degrees in Public Policy Studies and History. On campus, Gino is a member of Dukes and Duchesses, a Senator in Duke Student Government, a writer at Duke Political Review, and a Research Assistant at the Kenan Institute for Ethics. He also serves as the President of Alspaugh dorm on East Campus, and will be serving as a Resident Assistant (RA) for another East Campus dorm, Pegram, this fall. For his SOL summer, Gino is working with the international non-profit Wine to Water, both at their headquarters in Boone, North Carolina and at their field site in the Dominican Republic, to examine water infrastructure systems in rural communities.2017.

Capstone Portfolio: “Addressing Mass Incarceration in Cook County, Illinois”

Young Park

CBR Project: "Reconciling Refugee Expectations with Realities in New York." International Rescue Committee (New York, NY). 2017.

Young Park (class of 2019) is from Basking Ridge, New Jersey and is pursuing degrees in Public Policy Studies and International Comparative Studies, with a minor in Cultural Anthropology. On campus, she tutors and mentors refugee children through the MASTERY tutoring program at the Kenan Institute for Ethics and works as a student intern at the Duke Community Service Center. Young is interested in exploring the disparity between refugee expectations and realities during the resettlement process. This summer, Young is working with the International Rescue Committee in New York City to assist refugee clients with their resettlement needs.2017.

Capstone Portfolio: “Recognizing Refugees: Protecting the Human Rights of North Korean Refugees in China”

Olivia Pennoyer

CBR Project: "Understanding PTSD: A Brief Overview of Biological Research." Center for Death Penalty Litigation and Carolina Justice Policy Center (Durham, NC). 2017.

Olivia Pennoyer (class of 2020) is originally from Rumford, Rhode Island, but moved to Augusta, Georgia at age ten. Olivia is currently undecided about a major of study, but is exploring disciplines that connect science, service, and policy. On campus, she is the secretary for Future is Now (FIN), which provides mentorship to elementary school girls in the Durham area, and works in a lab specializing in studying the Epstein Barr virus. She is also an admissions ambassador, giving tours to prospective students, and participates in Spanish Service Learning classes, which provide vital bilingual services to the Durham education system. For her SOL summer project, Olivia is working with two community partners in Durham, North Carolina this summer—the Center for Death Penalty Litigation and the Carolina Justice Policy Center.  Olivia’s research explores how PTSD diagnoses affects death penalty sentencing.2017.

Capstone Portfolio: “Batson Up, Strike Three You’re Out: Eliminating Racial Bias in North Carolina Jury Selection”

Jessica Rodriguez

CBR Project: "Framing and Exploring the Core Elements of the Book Babies Program." Book Harvest (Durham, NC). 2017.

Jessica Rodriguez (class of 2019) grew up in San Diego, California and is pursuing a double major in Cultural Anthropology and Global Health. She is interested in education and engaging minority communities in conversations about mental health. This summer, Jessica is working in Durham, North Carolina with Book Harvest, a non-profit that provides free books to children from low-income families in Durham and the greater Triangle area.2017.

Lizzie Speed

CBR Project: "Streamlining the New York City Housing Authority's Award Process: A database of awards." The New York City Housing Authority (New York, NY). 2017.

Lizzie Speed (class of 2018) is from New York City and is pursuing the architecture concentration of the Art History major and a Political Science minor. In the fall of her junior year, Lizzie studied urban planning in Copenhagen and has since been very passionate about improving the livability of cities, both through design and policy. Lizzie has been involved with housing policy in the university setting since her first year, when she served as a Duke Student Government Senator of Residential Life. On campus, she acts in and directs All of the Above, an annual show comprised of monologues written, performed, and produced by female-identifying members of the Duke community, and works as an undergraduate research assistant at the Wired! Lab for Visualizing Art History & Visual Culture. This summer, Lizzie is pursuing her interest in affordable housing by working with the New York City Housing Authority, the largest provider of public housing in the country.2017.

Capstone Portfolio: “Women’s Under-representation in United States Elective Office: Why Women are Less Likely to Run and How This Imbalance Can be Addressed”

Amulya Vadapalli

CBR Project: "Migration Policy Across the World and in Jordan:
A Primer on Lessons and Directions." Tamkeen Fields for Aid (Amman, Jordan). 2017.

Amulya Vadapalli (class of 2019) is pursuing a double major in Public Policy Studies and Middle Eastern Studies with a minor in Economics. She is currently involved with the Duke Arabic Union, Duke Political Review, and was a Global Human Rights Scholar at the Kenan Institute of Ethics. Outside of class, Amulya can be found dancing, listening to classical Indian music or watching The Good Wife. Last summer, Amulya studied Arabic for eight weeks at a Middlebury College language program in a no-English environment.  For her SOL summer, she is working in Amman, Jordan with Tamkeen, a non-governmental organization which provides legal aid to migrant workers.2017.

Capstone Portfolio: “Yemen: A Forgotten War, A United Nations Crisis”

Sam Villalobos

CBR Project: "Salud y Seguridad: How OSHA outreach training materials are different in Spanish." NC State Industrial Expansion Solutions (Southeastern OSHA Training Institute Education Center)(Raleigh, NC). 2017.

Samantha Villalobos (class of 2019) is from College Station, TX and is pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering with certificates in Architectural Engineering and in Latinx Studies. On campus, she works as a lab technician in the Richter Lab at the Nicholas School of the Environment, developing and performing analytical methods for testing soils. Sam is interested in the fields of structural engineering and construction science, as well as the inequities faced by Latinx construction workers in the United States. For her SOL summer, she is working with the Southeastern Outreach Training Institute at NC State Industrial Expansion Solutions in Raleigh, North Carolina to study construction safety training for Latinx construction workers with limited English skills.2017.

Capstone Portfolio: “Building Back Better Adaptive Analysis of Mexico City’s Housing System”

Erin Williams

CBR Project: "Silent No More." White Bison (Colorado Springs, CO). 2017.

Erin Williams (class of 2020) was born in Washington, D.C. but has lived in Pasadena, California, South Bend, Indiana, and, currently, in New Canaan, Connecticut. Erin took a gap year after high school, during which she travelled to six countries, lived with host families, and worked with community partners to enact social change from the ground up. Erin is interested in pursuing degrees in both Public Policy Studies and Cultural Anthropology. On campus, she is a part of Green Devils, the sustainability club for first-years on campus, and the MASTERY program in the Kenan Institute of Ethics, helping to tutor kids from refugee families in Durham. This summer, Erin is working with White Bison, a nonprofit in Colorado Springs, Colorado that works with Native American communities to encourage wellness and sobriety.2017.

Capstone Portfolio: “Liberal Arts Education in China: Transitioning Students and Faculties to Duke Kunshan University’s Liberal Arts Curriculum”

Linda Zhang

CBR Project:"Students' Perspectives on Liberal Arts Education." Duke Kunshan University  (Kunshan, China). 2017.

Linda Zhang (class of 2020) is from Tianjin, China and is potentially pursuing a degree in Public Policy Studies with a minor in Education. Linda is very passionate about higher education reform and bridging cross-cultural educational systems. At Duke, Linda is a research assistant in the Political Science department and is deeply involved with student life, serving as a Resident Assistant and campus tour guide. She has also worked extensively on the design and marketing for Duke Kunshan University (DKU). For her SOL summer project, Linda is working with DKU at its Kunshan location, conducting research on attitudes towards liberal arts higher education in China.2017.

Capstone Portfolio: "Liberal Arts Education in China: Transitioning Students and Faculties to Duke Kunshan University’s Liberal Arts Curriculum"

PEPP (Political Engagement Pilot Project)


In 2015-2016 academic year, the Hart Leadership Program launched the Political Engagement Pilot Project (PEPP), a program which pairs students with organizations working towards political change. PEPP was created through a partnership between the Hart Leadership Program and POLIS, Duke's new center dedicated to politics, leadership, and innovation, as part of a broader campus-wide effort to increase political engagement among undergraduate students. Modeled after SOL, PEPP takes a three-part structure: a gateway course in the spring, a summer internship, and a capstone course during the academic year. For their PEPP summer internships, each student produced a final product for their community partner.2016.

Adam Beyer

Final Product: "An Excel Spreadsheet of All the Legislation and Letters Congressman David Price Has Cosponsored in the Past Six Years." Congressional Office of Representative David Price (Washington, DC). 2016.

Adam Beyer (class of 2018) is from Durham, North Carolina and is pursuing a degree in Public Policy Studies. On campus, Adam serves as the President of Duke Democrats and has worked for The Chronicle, Duke's student newspaper, since his first year and now serves as the paper's Digital Content Director. For his PEPP summer project, Adam worked for Representative David Price’s congressional office in Washington, D.C.2016.

Capstone Portfolio: “Confederate symbols, Carolina, and Controversy: An Adaptive Analysis of the South’s Civil War Symbology.”

Rinzin Dorjee

Final Product: "Bridging the gap in perception of core challenges faced by different communities (members of the refugee population and the Swedish residents) in the wake of the migrant "crisis" in Stockholm, and placing them in conversation with each other in real time through a working Human Library." Kungsholmen, Gamla Stan, Södermalm, and Stockholm University (Stockholm, Sweden). 2016.

Rinzin Dorjee (class of 2017) grew up in India where he attended boarding schools before leaving for the UK and eventually the US to continue his education. At Duke, he is studying International Comparative Studies, Italian & European Studies, and Marketing & Management Studies, and is teaching Tibetan as a foreign language in partnership with UVA. He is currently affiliated with Duke International Association as the VP of marketing affairs, and McKinney, an ad agency in Durham where he works as a Project Management Mtern. During his Duke career, he has worked for The Chronicle, Hoof'n'Horn, The Standard, Vision for North Korea, The Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity and was a Global Human Rights Scholar (KIE).2016.

Capstone Portfolio: “Research Portfolio: The Resettlement of Unaccompanied Refugee Children from France to Facilitate Family Reunification in the UK.”

Marissa Farbman

Final Product: "An Analysis of the Impact of a Clinton Presidency on Legislative, Energy, and Healthcare Issues." Washington Analysis LLC (Washington, DC). 2016.

Marissa Farbman (class of 2018) is from Killington, Vermont and is pursuing a degree in Public Policy Studies. On campus, Marissa serves as the chair of the political engagement committee for YOUnite, a nonpartisan organization that connects young people to politics. She has also worked as a program assistant for Hart Leadership Program faculty member Tony Brown. This summer, Marissa worked with Washington Analysis, a research firm that monitors regulatory and economic policy developments for institutional investors.2016.

Capstone Project: "The Agrarian and Frontier Myths are alive today."

Jacob Glasser

Final Product: "A Memo to the League of Conservation Voters Regarding Equitable, Environmentally Just Carbon Taxes." The League of Conservation Voters (Washington, DC). 2016.

Jacob Glasser (class of 2019) is from Fort Meyers, Florida and is pursuing a degree in Public Policy Studies. He is very passionate about climate change policy. For his PEPP summer, Jacob worked as a policy and lobbying intern with the League of Conservation Voters in Washington, D.C. He worked on a project that proposed a legislative and political strategy that the League of Conservation Voters can use to fight climate change.2016.

Capstone Portfolio: “Addressing Poverty Worsened by Global Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa with the Sustainable Development Framework.”

Lisa Guraya

Final Product: "A Compilation of Newsletters on the Relationship between Socially Determined Health and Education, Food Systems, and Housing." The Nueva Vista Group (Washington, DC). 2016.

Lisa Guraya (class of 2018) is from Birmingham, Alabama and is pursuing a double major in Public Policy Studies and Global Health. On campus, Lisa serves as the President of the Public Policy Studies Major’s Union. She has also served as a work-study student for the Sanford School Career Services office. For her PEPP summer, Lisa worked with Nueva Vista Group, a government relations firm specializing in public policy and advocacy.2016.

Capstone Project: “The Mistakes We Made and the Challenges We Must Overcome: The Democratic Party.”

Peter Hase

Final Product: "A Technical Guide for the Map-Making Software QGIS for Clarity Campaign Labs." Clarity Campaign Labs (Washington, DC). 2016.

Peter Hase (class of 2019) is from Charlotte, North Carolina and is pursuing a degree in Mathematics. He is passionate about the effect of wealth inequality on political power. For his PEPP summer, Peter worked with Clarity Campaign Labs, a research firm that provides data analysis services to Democratic political campaigns and other progressive organizations.2016.

Capstone Project: "Predicting Politics: How Forecasters Understand the U.S. Presidential Election."

Taylor Jones

Final Product: "A Report on Identity in Politics in the Summer Research Initiative." Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice (New York, NY). 2016.

Taylor Jones (class of 2018) is from Bear, Delaware. She is pursuing a major in Political Science and certificate in Policy Journalism and Media Studies. On campus, Taylor is involved with Student Activists for Equality (SAFE). For her PEPP summer, Taylor partnered with the Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice in Brooklyn, New York. For her project, she designed and implemented a curriculum on political engagement and leadership for young women in ninth through eleventh grade.2016.

Capstone Project: "Corey Booker Campaign Strategy for Pennsylvania."

Maria Pacheco

Final Product: "A Report on Increasing Grassroots Organizing Efforts in Latino Communities in Fort Worth, Texas." Fort Worth City Council (Office of District 2 Councilmember Salvador Espino) (Fort Worth, TX). 2016.

Maria Pacheco (class of 2017) is from Fort Worth, Texas and is pursuing a degree in Public Policy Studies. She is interested in education, immigration and minority participation in politics. This summer, Maria worked with her hometown city council of Fort Worth, Texas. Her project researched what factors influence the participation of Latinos in local politics.2016.

Capstone Portfolio: “The Lack of Higher Education Resources for Undocumented Students at the High School Level with Emphasis on North Carolina.”

Dana Raphael

Final Product: "A Guide to Sexual Assault Reporting on College Campuses." National Network to End Domestic Violence (Washington, DC). 2016.

Dana Raphael (class of 2017) is from Arlington, Virginia and is pursuing a degree in Political Science. On campus, Dana writes for both the Duke Chronicle and the Duke Political Review and serves as a member on the Duke administration’s Task Force on Sexual Assault Prevention. For her PEPP summer, she worked with the National Network to End Domestic Violence.2016.

Capstone Portfolio: “Attention: Systems Failure: When the law fails, how can rape victims access justice?”

Rachel Rubin

Final Product: "A Six Month Curriculum for the Peer Parent Support Group of the Homeless Prenatal Program based on the Five Protective Factors Model." San Francisco Family Treatment Court (San Francisco, CA). 2016.

Rachel Rubin (class of 2019) is from Fresno, California and is pursuing a degree in Public Policy Studies. Rachel previously volunteered at a drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation facility, Spirit of Women, which sparked her passion for combating gender violence, poverty and incarceration. For her PEPP summer, Rachel worked with the Family Treatment Court in the Superior Court of California in San Francisco, California. Her project evaluated the effectiveness of the Family Treatment Court in guaranteeing the safety of children, encouraging sobriety among parents and fostering family reunification and stability.2016.

Capstone Portfolio: “Reducing Recidivism: The Promise of Post-Secondary Correctional Education.”

Hillary Song

Final Product: "A Year in Review Report for 2014-2016 for the Committee of 100." Committee of 100 (San Francisco, CA). 2016.

Hillary Song (class of 2019) is from Vancouver, Canada and is pursuing a degree in Political Science. On campus, Hillary has worked as a program assistant for the Hart Leadership Program’s Digital Story Quilt. For her PEPP summer, Hillary worked for the Committee of 100, an organization that acts as a public policy resource for the Chinese-American community, in San Francisco, California.2016.

Capstone Project: “Corruption and Income Inequality.”

Steven Soto

Final Product: "A Short Documentary about the Need to Pass Comprehensive Hate Crimes Legislation." Center for American Progress (LGBT Team) (Washington, DC). 2016.

Steven Soto (class of 2017) is a first-generation college student from Phoenix, Arizona who is majoring in Public Policy Studies. On campus, Steven is the president of Blue Devils United, an undergraduate organization for LGBTQ+ students and their allies, and is involved with the Washington Duke Scholars program. This summer, Steven worked with the Center for American Progress (CAP), a left-leaning think tank in Washington, D.C., as a part of the organization’s LGBT policy division.2016.

Capstone Portfolio: “I’m First: The Academic, Social, and Emotional Challenges of the Ivory Tower.”

Lance Tran

Final Product: "A Guide to Community Organizing on College Campuses." Asian Americans Advancing Justice (Chicago, IL). 2016.

Lance Tran (class of 2019) is from Lee’s Summit, Missouri and is pursuing a degree in Public Policy Studies. As a first generation Asian American, he is passionate about increasing political engagement among minorities and marginalized groups. For his PEPP summer, Lance interned with Asian Americans Advancing Justice in Chicago, Illinois. His project centered on community organizing with the Pan-Asian Voter Empowerment Coalition, a group of Asian American-serving nonprofits in Chicago promoting civic and political engagement.2016.

Capstone Portfolio: “Addressing Political Activism and Apathy among Asian-American Students on College Campuses.”

Matthew Tran

Final Product: "A Presentation on Administrative Relief Programs for Immigrants in the Wake of the DAPA/DACA Decision." Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network (SIREN) (San Jose, California). 2016.

Matthew Tran (class of 2019) is from Lee’s Summit, Missouri and is pursuing a degree in Public Policy Studies. On campus, Matthew is involved in the Asian American Alliance and Duke Democrats. For his PEPP summer, Matthew worked with Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network (SIREN), a local immigration advocacy group that serves the low-income immigrant and refugee community in San Jose, California.2016.

Capstone Project: “Break from a Manufactured Tradition: The Third-Party Vote in America.”

McCall Wells

Final Product: "Policy Exploration through Documentary: The Refugee Experience in NC (A 60-Minute Podcast)." Church World Service and World Relief (Durham, NC). 2016.

McCall Wells (class of 2017) is from San Diego, California and is pursuing a degree in International Comparative Studies. On campus, McCall co-founded AccessDuke, a student coalition intent on achieving financial equity for undocumented students, in addition to conducting extensive research on global migration through the Kenan Refugee Project. This summer, McCall worked at two Durham-based refugee resettlement agencies, Church World Service and World Relief.2016.

Capstone Portfolio: “An Examination of (Un)civil Discourse.”

Katheryn Zhao

Final Product: "A Student Outreach Booklet Proposal to Attract More Millennial Readers to the Independent's Publications." The Independent Institute (Oakland, CA). 2016.

Katheryn Zhao (class of 2019) is from Pleasanton, California and is pursuing a degree in Political Science. On campus, Katheryn serves as a research assistant for both Duke’s Political Science department and the Fuqua School of Business. She also writes feature-length articles for FORM, Duke’s fashion magazine. For her PEPP summer, Katheryn interned with the Independent Institute, a nonpartisan think tank in Oakland, California that publishes research on foreign and economic policy.2016.

Capstone Portfolio: “Policing on the Virtual Frontier: The Potential Dangers of Social Media Surveillance.”

Caroline Zhou

Final Product: "How to Engage Duke Students in Politics and Participation." People's Alliance- You Can Vote (Durham, NC). 2016.

Caroline Zhou (class of 2019) is from Madison, Wisconsin. She is pursuing a double major in Political Science and International and Comparative Studies. She is passionate about increasing the participation of young people and minorities in American politics. For her PEPP summer, Caroline worked with You Can Vote NC, a project of the People’s Alliance Fund in Durham, NC. Her project focused on increasing political awareness and engagement among college voters in North Carolina.2016.

Capstone Project: “Voter Mobilization in Theory and Practice.”

Natalie Atyeo

CBR Project: “Exploring barriers and facilitators to dental care access among uninsured and underinsured patients in Durham, North Carolina.” Local Access to Coordinate Healthcare (LATCH), (Durham, North Carolina). 2015

Natalie Atyeo (class of 2016) is from Parkland, Florida. She is pursuing a Spanish major and is on the pre-dental track. On campus, Natalie serves on the executive board of Gente Aprendiendo para Nuevas Oportunidades (GANO), an English as a Second Language tutoring organization for Durham community members, and is the program director for the Project Search pre-orientation program. She has conducted research in Guatemala through the Duke Global Health Institute and is involved with research on patient decision-making in prostate cancer treatment. This past summer, she worked with Local Access to Coordinate Healthcare (LATCH) in Durham, N.C. to analyze the determinants of dental health perceptions and practices in the Durham Latino/a community.2015.

Capstone Portfolio: "America's Silent Epidemic: Oral Healthcare Access Among Uninsured and Underinsured Adults."

Ben Brissette

CBR Project: “Return to Learn Implementation in Illinois.” Anne and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital – Sports Medicine Department, (Chicago, Illinois). 2015.

Ben Brissette (class of 2017) is from Des Plaines, Illinois. He is pursuing a double major in Spanish and Neuroscience with a minor in Russian. On campus, Ben is a part of the Duke University Marching Band, the Wind Symphony and is Co-President of the Swing Dance Club. He also serves as a Resident Assistant for first-year students in Epworth dorm on East Campus. For his SOL project, Ben partnered with the sports medicine department at the Anne and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, Illinois to conduct research on the implementation of Return to Learn, a re-integration program for students who suffer from concussions.2015.

Capstone Portfolio: "Evaluating the Special Education of Individuals with Disabilities in America: With A Focus on Durham, North Carolina."

Tina Chen

CBR Project: “Mobile app design and usage for first responders.” Criticalink, (Dhaka, Bangladesh). 2015.

Tina Chen (class of 2017) is from Ellicott City, Maryland. She is pursuing a Computer Science major and a Chinese minor. She enjoys working as an advocate for the Community Empowerment Fund and serving on the Duke University Emergency Medical Squad. She also has an interest in the data visualization of social networks, which she has used in her work with the Bass Connections team, “Community Care of Frail Elders in Cross Cultural Settings.” For her SOL summer, Tina worked in Dhaka, Bangladesh with Criticalink, where she explored the possibility of combining cell phone apps and emergency medical care.2015.

Capstone Portfolio: "Scaling-up access to Prehospital Care in Dhaka, Bangladesh."

Sarah Du

CBR Project: “Student Self-Determination in the Summer Research Initiative.” Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice, (New York, New York). 2015.

Sarah Du (class of 2016) is from Seattle, Washington and is pursuing a degree in Public Policy Studies and minors in English and Global Health. On campus, she works with DukeEngage as a student adviser, sings with the Duke Chorale and indulges her not-so-inner movie nerd by projecting films for Freewater Presentations. As someone who owes her past (and continued) journey of self-actualization largely to experiences she’s had in school, Sarah is interested in how curricula and classroom opportunities can help foster students’ identity development. Thus, she partnered with the Urban Assembly for Criminal Justice in Brooklyn, New York this past summer to teach high school students how to conduct their own research projects – thereby also contributing in some small way in helping these students along the messy process of figuring out who they are and where they belong in this world.2015.

Capstone Portfolio: "What Students Are Taught: Why it Matters, Who Gets A Say and Who Doesn't"

Tianlin Duan

CBR Project: “Utilizing Existing Resources to Provide Elderly Care Services for Neighborhoods in Harbin, China.” China Planning Institute on Aging, (Beijing & Harbin, China). 2015.

Tianlin Duan (class of 2018) is from Beijing, China. Pursuing a Statistics major, she is also interested in Behavioral Economics and Decision Science. A devoted food lover and dancer outside of the classroom, she is always passionate about life and enjoys learning new things about herself and the world. This past summer, she worked with the China Planning Institute on Aging to explore how to effectively implement elderly care models in community units in Beijing and Harbin. Her summer project is the continuation of her independent research project in high school on the problems and solutions concerning elderly care in Beijing.2015.

Capstone Portfolio: "Toward A Safer Future: Adaptive Leadership Portfolio on Food Safety Management in China."

Medha Gudavalli

CBR Project: “Law Enforcement Response to Sexual Assault in Colorado.” Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault, (Denver, Colorado). 2015.

Medha Gudavalli (class of 2016) is from Aurora, Colorado. At Duke, she is pursuing a Public Policy Studies major with minors in Spanish and Chemistry. On campus, she serves as the president of Project Health, Education and Awareness in Latin America (HEAL), which initially challenged her to contemplate the role of service and cross-cultural thinking. Medha connects to her Indian roots by dancing with Duke’s Indian classical dance team, Lasya. Additionally, she serves as a member of Dukes and Duchesses. She spent her SOL summer working with the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault.2015.

Capstone Portfolio: "Sexual Violence on College Campuses: Changing Culture to Address Shortcomings in Policy Implementation."

Helen Liu.

CBR Project: “Assessing Mental Health of Pediatric Oncology Staff in Sarawak, Malaysia.” Sarawak General Hospital & Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society, (Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia). 2015.

Helen Liu (class of 2017) is from West Chester, Pennsylvania. At Duke, she studies International Comparative Studies and Global Health. Outside of class, she conducted research with AstraZeneca on oncology, Professor Peter Ubel on cost communications in healthcare, and Bass Connections on teaching methods rooted in neuroscience. Passionate about empowering others through healthcare, Helen spent her SOL summer working with a hospital in Malaysia. Her research addressed the mental health needs of the pediatric oncology staff.2015.

Capstone Portfolio: "Lack of Funding and Guidelines for Pediatric Palliative Care Communication Education in U.S. Medical Schools."

John Lu

CBR Project: “Assessing the variable extent of the schistosomiases problem in the Rorya District of Tanzania to better allocate existing funding.” Shirati Health, Education and Development (SHED) Foundation, (Shirati, Tanzania). 2015.

John Lu (class of 2018) is from East Hanover, New Jersey. He is pursuing a Computer Science and Mathematics double major with a minor in Biology. On campus, John serves on the Duke Student Government Senate, volunteers for Project HEAL and conducts research on the Epstein-Barr virus in the Luftig Lab. For his SOL summer, John travelled to Shirati, Tanzania to work with the Shirati Health, Education and Development (SHED) Foundation. There, John researched culturally sensitive strategies to implement a scalable health education campaign targeting schistosomiasis, one of the major neglected tropical diseases.2015.

Capstone Portfolio: "Lack of equitable access to drugs that treat neglected tropical diseases."

Malcolm Nowlin

CBR Project: “Addressing Racial Imbalances in Access to Durham Charter Schools.” Durham Congregations, Associations and Neighborhoods (CAN), (Durham, North Carolina). 2015.

Malcolm Nowlin (class of 2017) is from Florence, South Carolina and is pursuing a major in Public Policy Studies and a minor in Chemistry. On campus, he is active with the Global Health Outreach Team of Duke Partnership for Service, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines and Duke’s Innovation, Technology and Policy Lab. Malcolm spent his summer in Durham, NC working with Durham Congregations, Associations and Neighborhoods (CAN), a community organizing group working to bring together community leaders throughout Durham around important issues to incite change. He researched racial and ethnic minority families’ access to Durham charter schools for his SOL summer project.2015.

Capstone Portfolio: "School Discipline Policies: Analyzing Exclusion from the Classroom on Disadvantaged Populations."

Philipp Oberbeck

CBR Project: “Effects of Access to Finance on Business Formation in Nepal.” Kathmandu University, (Kathmandu, Nepal). 2015.

Philipp Oberbeck (class of 2017) is an international student from Germany. He is pursuing an Economics major and a Psychology minor. He is co-president of United World at Duke, a student organization that promotes multicultural networking. This past summer he travelled to Kathmandu, Nepal to work with Kathmandu University on studying the effects of microfinance institutions on entrepreneurial activity.2015.

Capstone Portfolio: "Policy Barriers to Successful Integration of Refugee Populations in Resettlement, Employment and Language Provision in Germany."

Michaela Stith

CBR Project: “Market Research for Social Entrepreneurship in Feed Me Hope.” Downtown Soup Kitchen, (Anchorage, Alaska). 2015.

Michaela Stith (class of 2018) is from Anchorage, Alaska and plans to pursue an Environmental Science & Policy major. In her first year at Duke, Michaela grew Azolla ferns in the Pryer Lab on campus, actively participated on the debate team, served on a committee in the Black Student Alliance and became a member of the historically black Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. In addition, she was avidly engaged in community service work off campus with the Religious Coalition for a Nonviolent Durham and Professor Simon Partner’s Friendly Food Deliveries. Michaela worked with and for women and children whose family members were killed by gun violence through the latter two programs. For her SOL summer project, Michaela partnered with a local soup kitchen in her hometown to conduct research for the launch of a new program, Feed Me Hope. This program will provide a safe place for thirty women to sleep at night and participate in baking classes in the morning to learn marketable skills.2015.

Capstone Portfolio: "Alaska: Creating an Inclusive Economy."

Asraiel Harewood.

CBR Project: “Juvenile Recidivism: Understanding the Factors Affecting Youth in Allegheny County.” Allegheny County Juvenile Probation (Pittsburgh, PA).2014.

Capstone Portfolio: “Criminalizing American Youth: An Investigation of the School-to- Prison Pipeline.”

Kay Hasegawa.

CBR Project: “A Compilation of Materials to Supplement the Cultural Discovery Program of the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii.” Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai’i (Honolulu, HI).2014.

Capstone Portfolio: “Addressing Energy Poverty in Rural, Low-Income Bulgarian Households."

Dechen Lama.

CBR Project: “A Report on Direct Benefit Transfers to Janalakshmi.” Janalakshmi (Bangalore, India).2014.

Capstone Portfolio: “An Examination of Tibetan Statelessness and Citizenship in India.”

Clement Lee.

CBR Project: “Harnessing Community Resources for Veterans in Durham.” I-Suntari, (Cary, NC).2014.

Capstone Portfolio: “Building a Home for the Brave: The Role of the Community in the Emotional Support and Successful Reintegration of OEF and OIF Veterans.”

Erin Leyson.

CBR Project: “AMEXTRA “Moving Communities”: A Study of the Effects of Group Zumba Classes on the Sense of Community in Three Settlements surrounding Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca, Mexico.” Asociación Mexicana para la Transformación Rural y Urbana(Oaxaca, Mexico).2014.

Capstone Portfolio: “Addressing Alcoholism on the Native American Reservation: An Investigative Portfolio on Native American Alcoholism and the Indian Health Services.”

Rita Lo.

CBR Project: “Ramifications of Hong Kong’s Statutory Minimum Wage Law on Narrowing the Gender Wage Gap?” CivicExchange (Hong Kong, Hong Kong).2014.

Capstone Portfolio: “Gender Equality and Labor Movement in Hong Kong.”

Leo Lou.

CBR Project: “The Societal Context and Impacts of Cross-Border Conflict Resolution Efforts an Recommendations for Seeds of Peace.” Seeds of Peace (Jerusalem, Israel / Ramallah, West Bank).2014.

Capstone Portfolio: “ Reconciling Biases in History Education and Media in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.”

Cece Mercer.

CBR Project: “The Refugee Response: SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis on Mentorship.” The Refugee Empowerment Agricultural Program (Cleveland, OH).2014.

Capstone Portfolio: "An Examination of the Education System with Regards to Refugee Children in North Carolina."

Anna Miyajima.

CBR Project: “Effects of Generational Conflicts on Non-Profit Organizations.” Tsukaisute Jidai wo Kangaeru Kai (Kyoto, Japan).2014.

Capstone Portfolio: “Supporting Caretakers of the Elderly in Japan.”

Kevin Nikolaus.

CBR Project: “Unmaned Aerial Systems Integration into Environmental and Geoscience: A Concise Guide.” Alaskan Center for Unmanned Aerial Systems (Fairbanks, AK).2014.

Capstone Portfolio: "Poverty, Community and Conservation in Colorado: An Analysis of the Adaptive Challenges that Face Rural Colorado as it Makes its Way into a New Century Filled with Challenging Social and Environmental Issues."

Phillip Reinhart.

“A Pilot Evaluation of Education, Advertisement, and Treatment Techniques in Reduction of a Neglected Tropical Disease.” Shirati Health, Education, and Development Foundation (Shirati, Tanzania).2014.

Capstone Portfolio: “The Conflict of Outsiders in Community Development on Maternal Child Health in Rorya, Tanzania.”

Anusha Singh.

March of Dimes Prematurity Research Center (Stanford, CA). CBR Project: “Maternal Height and Risk of Spontaneous Preterm Birth.”2014.

Capstone Portfolio: “Access to Essential Reproductive Healthcare in North Carolina: The Influence of Politics.”

Arpita Varghese.

CBR Project: “1. A Study on the Reasons behind the Unavailability of Data on Human Trafficking in Kochi, Kerala. 2. Creating the Training Manual for the Nirbhaya
Training Programme.” Cultural Academy for Peace (Kochi, India).2014.

Capstone Portfolio: “Recognizing Persons Trafficked for Forced Labor as Victims of Human Trafficking: Rethinking Victimhood.”

Archer Wang.

CBR Project: “Building Trust for Small Change: Chinese Factory Workers
Defend Their Rights.” Da AI Qing Chen (Beijing, China).2014.

Capstone Portfolio: "Labor Rights in China."

Lun Yin.

CBR Project: “Model United Nations and Student’s Development.” Project ConneXion, (Ningbo, China).2014.

Reem Alfahad.

CBR Project: “What Strategies Should El Roble Implement in Order to Best Facilitate the Integration of Its Immigrant Children Within the Center?” El Roble (Buenos Aires, Argentina).2013.

Capstone Portfolio: “IRAQI Refugee Resettlement In The US: Addressing Post-Entry Integration.”

John Bowman.

CBR Project: “Building an Inc. 500 City: Understanding Why Fast-Growing Companies Start Where They Do.” Endeavor (New York, NY).2013.

Capstone Portfolio: “Bridging the Energy Gap: A Study in Effective Philanthropy.”

Natalie Ferguson.

CBR Project: “Implementation of Art Programming at Buena Vista Migrant Farmworker Camp in Watsonville, CA.” Tutor Outreach Uniting Communities for Change (Watsonville, CA).2013.

Capstone Portfolio: “Why Not Teach? Encouraging Top College Graduates to Pursue Teaching as a Long-Term Career.”

Ksiphra Hemal.

CBR Project: “Confronting the Challenges of Household Selection in a Survey of Bangalore.” Janaagraha (Bangalore, India).2013.

Capstone Portfolio: “The Challenges to Treating Cardiovascular Disease in Women.”

Mark Herzog.

CBR Project: “Scaling Up a Mobile Platform Delivering Care to Pregnant Mothers and Children.” Population Council (Eldoret, Kenya).2013.

Capstone Portfolio: “Finding What Works: Working in the Context to Improve Maternal and Child Health in Rural Kenya.”

Mao Hu.

CBR Project: “What Factors Influence the Outcomes for Homeless Persons Enrolled in HOPE?” St. Vincent de Paul Village Family Health Center (San Diego, CA).2013.

Capstone Portfolio: “Reframing Strategies for Ending Homelessness: St. Vincent de Paul

Naureen Huda.

CBR Project: “Assessment of Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Autism and Family Support among Autism Society West Bengal Training Program Participants.”Autism Society of West Bengal (Kolkata, India).2013.

Capstone Portfolio: “Improving Access to Mental Health Care for Adults with Chronic Mental Disorders in Rural Regions of India: The Role of NGOs.”

Michelle Jeon.

CBR Project: “Literacy through Photography: Improving Children’s
Confidence, Self-expression, and Creativity through Photography Education.” Eumsung Education and Culture Organization (Eumseong, South Korea).2013.

Capstone Portfolio: “Systematic Racism: Racial Segregation at Higher Education Institutions.”

Vandana Kumar.

CBR Project: “Assessment of Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Autism and Family Support among Autism Society West Bengal Training Program Participants.” Autism Society of West Bengal (Kolkata, India).2013.

Capstone Portfolio: “Pathways to Hope: Preventing Suicide on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.”

Grady Lenkin.

CBR Project: “Organizing the Communities of Greater Boston to Enforce Healthcare Cost-containment Accountability.” Greater Boston Interfaith Organization(Boston, MA).2013.

Capstone Portfolio: “Addressing the Prevalence of Urban Poverty in Bangalore, India.”

Jennifer Moreno.

CBR Project: “What Strategies Should El Roble Implement in Order to Best Facilitate the Integration of Its Immigrant Children Within the Center?” El Roble (Buenos Aires, Argentina).2013.

Capstone Portfolio: “Fix the Gap: Establishing Relationships to Close the Minority Achievement Gap in Los Angeles.”

Emily O’Loane.

CBR Project :“Healthy Lifestyles: Integrating the Healthy Lifestyle’s program into the CDF Freedom Schools Program.” Children’s Defense Fund (Bennettsville, SC).2013.

Capstone Portfolio: “The Catch-22 of the National School Lunch Program.”

Maggie Oliver.

CBR Project: “Addressing the Effectiveness of Wellness Programs at CAARE.” CAARE (Columbia, SC).2013.

Capstone Portfolio: “Exploring Fee-for-Service: How This System of Physician Payment Creates Misaligned Incentives and Harms Patients.”

Ajay Parikh.

“Health-Seeking Behaviors, Health Information, and Health Awareness in Bangalore City Slums.” Janalakshmi (Bangalore, India).2013.

Capstone Portfolio: “Access to Affordable Medicines for the Poor in India.”

Karishma Popli.

CBR Project: “Lighting the Future with Sustainable Technology.” One Million Lights (Rajasthan, India).2013.

Capstone Portfolio: “Combining Entrepreneurship and Global Health to Provide Access to Health Care Delivery in Rural India.”

Morgan Ramsey.

CBR Project: “La Educación, La Salud, y El Empleo para Mujeres Inmigrantes en la República Dominicana.” MOSCTHA (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic).2013.

Capstone Portfolio: “Pushing ‘Them’ Out: African Americans and the Zero Tolerance Policy in American Urban Public School Systems.”

Meghan Scanlon.

CBR Project: “Evaluation of Assessments and Educational Tools Associated With Child Abuse and Neglect.” Nurses for Newborns (St. Louis, MO).2013.

Capstone Portfolio: “Wrapping Our Arms Around Them: Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect Among Low-Income Families Through Parent Support Programs: An Assessment of Barriers and Best Practices.”

Maggie Shannon.

CBR Project: “Relationships of Recovery.” TROSA (Durham, NC).2013.

Capstone Portfolio: “Barriers to Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Among United States Veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

Alli Smalley.

CBR Project: “How Can a Four-Week Summer Writing Initiative Be Designed and Implemented, in Order to Teach Rising 11th Graders How to Write a Personal Essay About a Social Issue?” Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice (New York, NY).2013.

Capstone Portfolio: “Women’s Higher Education in Pakistan: Increasing Access & Maximizing Efficacy, Stepping Stones Towards Women’s Empowerment.”

Chandler Thomas.

CBR Project: “The Effects of the Women’s Right to Know Act on NC Abortion Providers and Women.” NARAL (Durham, NC).2013.

Capstone Portfolio: “Disparities in Teacher Quality, Recruitment, and Retention in North Carolina’s Public Schools.”

Arun Augustine.

CBR Project: “Improving the Relationship that Project Access Fosters between Pro-Bono Organizations and the Uninsured Population in Durham.” Project Access of Durham County (Durham, NC).2012.

Capstone Portfolio: “Flawed Welfare: Identifying How Best Community Health Centers Can Champion For and Meet the Health Needs of Undocumented Immigrants.”

Angie Diaz.

CBR Project: “Peer Mentoring as a Means of Creating a Sense of Community and Positive Self-Image for Those Involved: An Evaluation of The Boys and Girls Club of Spring Branch’s Peer Mentoring Program.” Boys and Girls Club of Spring Branch (Spring Branch, TX).2012.

Capstone Portfolio: “What Can Be Done to Reduce the Latino Dropout Rate?: Racial-Ethnic Schemas in Latino Educational Disparities.”

Renata Dinamarco.

CBR Project: “Business Development in East Pembroke Pines.” City of Pembroke Pines (Pembroke Pines, FL).2012.

Capstone Portfolio: “The Intersection of Women, Domestic Violence, Homelessness, and Welfare Policy.”

Ian Harwood.

CBR Project: “Assessing the Impact of Mandatory Gender Violence Prevention Programs on College Campuses.” California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (Pasadena, CA).2012.

Capstone Portfolio: “Slipping Through the Cracks: Elementary School Students Falling Behind and Staying Behind.”

Courtney Liu.

CBR Project: “Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Domestic Violence Survivors at the Durham Crisis Response Center.” Durham Crisis Response Center (Durham, NC).2012.

Capstone Portfolio: “Barriers to Mental Health Services for Domestic Violence Survivors.”

Wilma Metcalf.

CBR Project: “Photography in Teaching Research Methodology at the
Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice.” Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice
(New York, NY).2012.

Capstone Portfolio: “Offering a Second Chance: Providing Equal Opportunities to Former RUF Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone.”

Tegan Joseph Mosugu.

CBR Project: “Analyzing the Ways in which Urban Ministries of Durham Can Better Serve the Needs of the Durham Poor and Homeless.” Urban Ministries(Durham, NC).2012.

Capstone Portfolio: “Underrepresented Minority Youth in the American Education System.”

Arin Pamukcu.

CBR Project: “A Study of Socioeconomic Status and Social Pressure on Views of Violence Against Women after the November 2011 Earthquake in Van, Turkey.” Van Women’s Association (Van, Turkey).2012.

Capstone Portfolio: “Finding the Source: Addressing the Raise and Normalization of Intimate Partner Violence in Turkey.”

Fernando Revelo.

CBR Project: “al-Resala: A Case Study of Civic Engagement in the Middle East.” al-Resala (Cairo, Egypt).2012.

Capstone Portfolio: “Archaeology in the Holy Land: A Weapon of History, Representation, and Politics.”

Maria Romano.

CBR Project: “Youth Migration in Togo.” Comité Villageois du Développement Farendé (Farendé, Togo).2012.

Capstone Portfolio: “India’s Invisible Laborers: Connecting the Aajeevika Bureau, Internal Labor Migrants, and the Government to Combat Exploitation, Low Standard of Living and Child Labor in India’s Construction Sector.”

Alexis Spieldenner.

CBR Project: “Duke and KidZNotes: Creating a Sustainable Partnership for the Future of the El Sistema Movement.” KidZNotes (Durham, NC).2012.

Capstone Portfolio: “El Sistema in America: Improving Access to Music Education for Our Nation’s Most Underprivileged Youth.”

Nandini Srinivasan.

CBR Project: “Culture Clash: How Resettled Refugees See Their New Life.” Kenan Institute for Ethics (Durham, NC).2012.

Capstone Portfolio: “Do Humanities Still Have a Place in Education? Evaluating the Role of the Humanities in Modern Society.”

Erin Sweeney.

CBR Project: “How Can Democracy NC Restructure its Souls to the Polls Program to Encourage Faith-Based Community Members to Vote in the 2012 Election?” Democracy North Carolina (Durham, NC).2012.

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