SOL Timeline

Gateway Course: Leading In and With Community

Creating change is hard. “Leading In and With Community” serves as an introduction to a leadership framework for crafting social change. The course focuses on historic and contemporary examples of civic engagement and social change. The final section of the course is dedicated to training in basic research methods: learning about community based and ethical conduct of research, the process of applying for and obtaining IRB approval etc. Projects are guided by the students’ creativity and curiosity and formed in partnership with community partners.


Immersive Summer Experience

SOL funds its students to engage in an eight-week immersive summer experience with a community partner. Students who have long-standing relationships with community partners may conduct independent, community-based research projects. Students who are newer to community-involved leadership may pursue internships with public-sector and nonprofit organizations. The experience centers


Capstone Course

At the completion of their summer experience, students take the capstone course “Communities of Practice.” This course allows students to reassess their summer experiences with special attention to challenges and opportunities for creating change. Working in groups, students discuss strategies for creating broader change and ways of mobilizing institutions and implementing collective solutions to pressing contemporary problems.