10 Aug

2014-2015 Hart Fellows

The 2014-2015 cohort of Hart Fellows returned home in the summer of 2015. These four Hart Fellows were engaged in community-based research projects in India, Ghana, Israel, and Bangladesh.

Grady Lenkin

Grady Lenkin completed his Hart Fellowship in Bangalore, India. He partnered with public policy and political science professor Anirudh Krishna and the Jana Urban Foundation, a think tank dedicated to financial inclusion for urban Indians, to identify and study low-income neighborhoods using satellite imagery and other methods. Read more of Grady’s community-based research.

Read an excerpt from Grady Lenkin’s community-based research project

Anastasia Karklina

Anastasia with colleague

Anastasia Karklina completed her Hart Fellowship working with the Gender Studies and Human Rights Documentation Centre in Accra, Ghana. Karklina interviewed adolescent males to examine the nature of gender norms in Accra. Her hope is that her findings may help the Centre in outreach programs for men and boys about improving gender relations. Learn about Anastasia’s findings.

Read an excerpt from Anastasia Karlina’s community-based research project

Jessye Waxman

Jessye bomb shelter
Jessye Waxman completed her Hart Fellowship for EcoPeace in Israel, a regional non-profit that fosters community-based dialogue about shared environmental and water concerns among Israelis, Palestinians, and Jordanians.
Here, Waxman talks about how the ideas of tradition and change guide the strategies of Palestinian communities in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She ponders to what extent Palestinian decisions in negotiations with the Israeli government are based in the desire to hold onto traditions or to push back against a modern Israeli society. Read Jessye’s final Letter Home she submitted before leaving Israel.

Read one of Jessye Waxman’s “Letters Home”

Casey Williams

Casey guitarCasey - outskirts of Dhaka
Casey Williams completed his Hart Fellowship in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He partnered with the International Centre for Climate Change and Development, which is focused on responding to the challenges that climate change will pose on the developing world. His research project assessed the relationship between climate change knowledge and adaptive capacity among climate experts and educated laypeople in Bangladesh and India.

Read an excerpt from Casey Williams’ community-based research project

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