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06 Dec

2016-2017 Hart Fellow Rifat Rahman publishes op-ed for World Aids Day

Rifat Rahman, a 2016-2017 Hart Fellow, recently published an article in The Nation, Thailand’s primary English-language newspaper, for World Aids Day. His op-ed focuses on the importance of community leadership in Thailand’s HIV response.

For his fellowship, Rifat is partnering with the Raks Thai Foundation. Raks Thai, which began as an office of CARE International, has been working for nearly forty years at the grassroots level to empower communities across Thailand to address a range of issues, including infectious disease, climate change, and natural disasters.

Rifat’s article reviews a new approach of HIV service delivery for marginalized communities called community-led HIV services (CLHS). Communities at highest risk of HIV often face barriers in accessing health services at traditional health facilities. By offering HIV services at the community level, CLHS helps to recruit and integrate vulnerable populations into the healthcare system, a necessary step towards halting the HIV epidemic in Thailand.

You can find the full article here.

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