18 Dec

Dear Students, Alumni, Faculty and Friends

Greetings, and welcome to our website.  In celebrating our 30th anniversary this year, we in the Hart Leadership Program have been proud of the fact that more than 12,000 undergraduates at Duke have taken our classes or participated in our programming.  Our core faculty has been with us for more than two decades. Why do we continue to have so much energy for our teaching and mentoring? Why do so many of our former students continue to stay in touch, sending us updates about their lives, work, and roles as engaged citizens?

What is the spirit of this program?

We have created a Story Quilt to begin to tell the story.  If you have been part of the leadership development process in HLP, you know it is a story about formation. It is a story about getting out into the world, learning how to read complex contexts, taking risks, building relationships, and forming community.  It is about learning to work with conflict productively, dealing with differences, and engaging others in difficult work. It is about opening our eyes to life, locating a sense of purpose, finding our voices, and taking action.

We are eager to tell the story of what we mean by practicing leadership for public life, and why we think it is worth cultivating this approach as a lifelong commitment.  What is leadership?  How do we teach it? Why does it matter? Why and how has Hart Leadership Program been connected to such a wide array of creative projects during the past thirty years? Why and how has our model been adapted to such a diverse group of programs at Duke, and beyond?

In recognition of our 30th anniversary we are trying to tell our story in a fuller way.  Come back and visit us again during the spring 2018 semester, as we continue to add stories that reflect the values and practices that shape our work.

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