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15 Oct

Dear Students, Colleagues, & Friends of the Hart Leadership Program,

as we are grateful for the exciting return to in-person teaching and collaboration, we are reminded daily of the leadership challenges that this pandemic has exposed and continues to bring to our attention.  At the HLP, we continue to be inspired and enriched by students whose capacity to learn by doing and to reflect on their own leadership challenges  provide collective hope and inspiration.  In the following newsletter and in the description of what we have planned for the coming year, you will encounter numerous stories of innovation and leadership that began with powerful and compelling questions, the kind that guide all of us to a richer and more connected public life together.  As we continue to engage the challenges of this wily pandemic, we take heart from the new forms of engagement and leadership that our students, faculty, and community partners have been piloting since covid first emerged in 2020.

We are excited to introduce you to our two new Hart Associate Professors of the Practice, Andrew Nurkin and Alexandra Zagbayou.  Their stories and interviews with Sanford Leadership Award winner Lauren Howell, Trinity ’21, are featured below.  We are also actively recruiting students from across Sanford and the entire undergraduate cohort to consider applying to our two signature fellowship programs this fall, SOL and PEP.  Anxieties about our collective life are hardly new.  But the opportunities for action, innovation, and reflection have never been greater or more compelling.  Stay tuned for a new student challenge involving podcasts as well as a collective student work from the current SOL fellows and the PEP fellows who are building a How to Citizen collective.  It is an honor and a rare privilege to be Director of the Hart Leadership Program at this dynamic moment.  I welcome you all to reach out to us with your ideas and inspiring questions so we can continue to build justice and leadership together.


Gunther Peck

Director, Hart Leadership Program

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