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14 Sep

Former Hart Fellow Seyward Darby writes cover story for Harper’s Magazine about the women of the alt-right

September 2017 cover of Harper’s Magazine

“The Rise of the Valkyries,” by Seyward Darby, is the featured story in the September issue of Harper’s Magazine.  Darby interviewed Lana Lokteff, one of the most prominent women of the alt-right, about the role of women in a movement that is largely considered to be comprised of young white men. You can read the full article here.

Seyward Darby was a Hart Fellow from 2007 to 2008. Darby worked in Prague, Czech Republic with Transitions On Line (TOL), a media development organization whose mission is to improve the state of journalism in Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the former Soviet Union.

As an undergraduate, Darby had been interested in journalism and served as editor of The Chronicle, but she had not yet decided to pursue a career in journalism.  Her 10 months in the Hart Fellows Program provided on-the-ground experience, and helped her refine her career options.  In her final report as a Hart Fellow, Darby wrote that being “being with TOL convinced me that I should give journalism a real career shot.”

After the Hart Fellowship, Darby received a Master’s in International Relations from Yale University. She was Story Editor and then Foreign Policy Editor with Foreign Policy, and she currently works as Executive Editor at The Atavist Magazine, an award-winning digital-only publication devoted to longform narrative journalism. Darby also works as a freelance journalist for sources such as Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, and the New York Daily News among many others.


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