09 Sep

Need a little SOL in your life?

Well, then we have good news for you! The Hart Leadership Program is delighted to announce that, after a year long hiatus to launch the Political Engagement Pilot Project (PEPP), we are bringing SOL back.

Service Opportunities in Leadership (SOL) has been one of HLP’s signature programs for over 20 years, sending over 400 students to date to work with community organizations in 44 different countries. It is a nationally recognized, year long leadership development program, integrating community service, field research, and critical reflection within an academic framework. The SOL experience consists of three parts: a spring preparation course, a summer community-based research project, and a fall capstone seminar.

Every year, SOLsters tackle complex social issues in communities around the world, from designing a health education campaign targeting schistosomiasis in Shirati, Tanzania to working with a local soup kitchen in Anchorage, Alaska. Through SOL, students explore various efforts for social change, refine their research skills, and build dynamic relationships with their communities and peers. To hear a former SOLster describe it: “the process is exciting and the experience: unforgettable.”

The application deadline for the 2017 SOL gateway course has passed. Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates about the upcoming 2017-2018 SOLsters.

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