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2021 SOL Students Create Poetry in the Gardens

On a lovely spring day in April, Professor Kaligotla and her students met for class in the Sarah P. Duke Gardens with its verdant welcoming space open after a year-long closure due to COVID-19.  

Chapelboro Publishes Duke Senior Enrique Latoni's Op-Ed on Minimum Wage

On November 1st, Chapelboro - a local radio and news network - published Enrique Latoni's (T'21) Op-Ed discussing the U.S.'s minimum wage debate and important issues to consider moving forward. Enrique is currently enrolled in PPS 270: Lead the Way Durham, taught by HLP Associate Director, Lalita Kaligotla. He wrote this op-Ed for a course…

SOL students create infographics about coping with COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all areas of life, raising many pressing social issues to the fore. Students in one HLP course course have designed infographics tackling to engage the public about these concerns. The original goal of the assignment was for students to hone visual communication skills by creating a graphic that would persuade…

SOL students with virtual backgrounds

Meet our 2020 Service Opportunities in Leadership Students

Even amid social distancing restrictions, 18 Duke undergrads are working on virtual summer projects through Service Opportunities in Leadership (SOL), a signature component of the Hart Leadership Program.

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Meet our 2019 Service Opportunities in Leadership students

Sixteen Duke undergraduate students are working on their summer projects with community partners through Service Opportunities in Leadership (SOL), a signature component of the Hart Leadership Program.

Meet our 2017 SOL students

Every year, SOL students tackle complex social issues in communities around the world. Read about the 2017 SOL students and learn more about their research here.

Stories from the Past: Craig Cohen (RAP '95, Hart Fellow '96 '97)

"To come out of the comfort zone of doing all the things that you know how to do and that you're trained to do and instead go out into people's lives and ask real questions was terrifying. But it was also incredibly transformative."