Student Projects

Student Projects

The Hart Leadership Program has a long history of exemplary student work, and we are proud to showcase here a selection of student research projects, internships, and honors theses dating back to 2011. Below, you can explore nearly 400 student projects, filtering by project type, Hart program affiliated with the project, thematic topics, project locations, and project years. The database does not provide the full text of students' projects, but it does provide abstracts of student work wherever available, as well as more information including students' class year and, when applicable, the name of the community partner organization a student worked with to conduct their internship or research. We will continue to expand the database as our students continue conducting phenomenal projects. In the meantime, use the search function below to explore our incredible students' work, and get inspired!

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Program: Hart Fellowship Program (HFP)

Indigenous Peoples’ Traditional Knowledge in the Arctic Council

The Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples’ Secretariat (IPS) supports the work of six international Indigenous organizations with Permanent Participant status in the Arctic Council — the world’s leading intergovernmental forum for international cooperation on Arctic issues. The Permanent Participant category was established in the Arctic Council’s founding document to provide for …

CCBRT 3D Printing Operations

The objective of the following report is to lay out all of the necessary building blocks essential for the implementation and maintenance of a successful 3D printing program in the CCBRT rehabilitation clinic. CCBRT is currently partnered with Nia Technologies, a non-profit that has provided CCBRT with 3D printers, materials, …

Interviews with Women at the Women’s Center Fall 2017 – Spring 2018

The Women’s Center is a safe space within the refugee and immigration camp at Friedland for newly-arrived women in Germany. It is the only center in all the refugee camps (Bad Fallingbostel, Bramsche, Braunschweig) in Lower Saxony devoted exclusively to women and their needs. The center started as a joint …

Preliminary Research Findings on Greywater and Wastewater Reuse Projects in the West Bank

Aim: Assess the failure mechanisms for off-grid greywater and wastewater reuse projects in the West Bank Objectives: Evaluate on-the-ground failure mechanisms through telephone surveys with project beneficiaries Identify financial and institutional structures linked to failure mechanisms through interviews with NGO, governmental, and aid agency stakeholders

Labors of Love: Changes in Familial and Personal Networks of Filipina Domestic Workers in Hong Kong

Filipino women migrate to join the domestic labor industry for economic reasons: Abroad, they can find better work with better pay. When these workers arrive in Hong Kong, however, they often find it difficult to adapt or meet the newfound pressures there are placed on them. Among other issues, workers …

Executive Summary: A Report on State-Owned Economic Enterprises in Myanmar

[Abstract not currently available.]