Student Projects

Student Projects

The Hart Leadership Program has a long history of exemplary student work, and we are proud to showcase here a selection of student research projects, internships, and honors theses dating back to 2011. Below, you can explore nearly 400 student projects, filtering by project type, Hart program affiliated with the project, thematic topics, project locations, and project years. The database does not provide the full text of students' projects, but it does provide abstracts of student work wherever available, as well as more information including students' class year and, when applicable, the name of the community partner organization a student worked with to conduct their internship or research. We will continue to expand the database as our students continue conducting phenomenal projects. In the meantime, use the search function below to explore our incredible students' work, and get inspired!

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Topic: The Built Environment, Housing, & Land Use

Improving Access to Mental Health Care for Adults with Chronic Mental Disorders in Rural Regions of India: The Role of NGOs

Problem Statement Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with a focus on mental health services have sought to address the problem of the rising prevalence of mental illness in rural Indian communities and the inaccessibility of mental health care in these communities for the past few decades. Approximately 10 million people in India …

Banange, Bayaye: Addressing the Rise of Karamojong Street Children in Kampala, Uganda

Problem Statement Although the Ugandan government has actively addressed the Karamojong street children phenomenon since 2002, it remains a problem. In Kampala alone, there are over 2,000 Karamojong street children1. Despite renewed government fervor, the current Campaign to Eradicate Street Children in Kampala, spearheaded by the Ministry of Gender, Labor, …

How to Make “The Girl Effect” Real: Improving Education Outcomes for Girls in Primary Schools in the Nyanza Province of Southwestern Kenya

The World Bank, the United Nations, and many non-governmental organizations have published literature outlining the vast benefits of improving girls’ education in the developing world, yet significant educational disparities continue to exist. In order to develop economically and socially, Kenya must address this issue. Seventeen percent of primary school aged …

The Intersection of Women, Domestic Violence, Homelessness, and Welfare Policy

Problem Statement The policies of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) regarding public housing are inadequate in addressing the special circumstances of homeless women who are victims of domestic violence (DV). In fact, some policies may even exacerbate their predicament, making them more vulnerable to intimate partner violence. While …

Analyzing the Ways in which Urban Ministries of Durham Can Better Serve the Needs of the Durham Poor and Homeless

The following is a community based research report of the work of Urban Ministries intern, Tegan Joseph Mosugu. Tegan conducted a community based research project from May to July, Working as a research fellow at Urban Ministries, Tegan had a wide exposure to all the day to day. During his …

Land Trust and Succession Planning

Disclaimer:  This booklet is designed to answer basic questions about issues that a landowner might have planning the transition of their farm.  It is not intended to provide legal advice.  As with any real estate transaction, landowners should consult their personal legal, financial and tax advisors before finalizing a conservation …