Student Projects

Student Projects

The Hart Leadership Program has a long history of exemplary student work, and we are proud to showcase here a selection of student research projects, internships, and honors theses dating back to 2011. Below, you can explore nearly 400 student projects, filtering by project type, Hart program affiliated with the project, thematic topics, project locations, and project years. The database does not provide the full text of students' projects, but it does provide abstracts of student work wherever available, as well as more information including students' class year and, when applicable, the name of the community partner organization a student worked with to conduct their internship or research. We will continue to expand the database as our students continue conducting phenomenal projects. In the meantime, use the search function below to explore our incredible students' work, and get inspired!

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Topic: The Built Environment, Housing, & Land Use

Dealing with a Different Desert: Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Thar

Although climate change is occurring on a global scale, its most acute effects are felt locally. Subsistence farmers in the developing world are especially vulnerable, because not only are they exposed to the largest geophysical and ecological changes but also they face large social barriers, often related to poverty, that …

Adoption vs. Foster Care: Why permanent adoptive homes are better for foster youth than remaining in the system

Research Question: What are the benefits for foster children who have been freed to be adopted into permanent homes rather than remain in the system until they eventually age out?

Explaining the Continued Presence of Orphanages in Battambang Province, Cambodia

According to a 2009 UNICEF statistic, there are an estimated 630,000 orphans in Cambodia. 12,000 children currently reside in orphanages.   Although some institutions provide services specific to the needs of certain populations of vulnerable children (victims of sexual trafficking, HIV, street children, and children with disabilities), a 2011 UNICEF report …