Student Projects

Student Projects

The Hart Leadership Program has a long history of exemplary student work, and we are proud to showcase here a selection of student research projects, internships, and honors theses dating back to 2011. Below, you can explore nearly 400 student projects, filtering by project type, Hart program affiliated with the project, thematic topics, project locations, and project years. The database does not provide the full text of students' projects, but it does provide abstracts of student work wherever available, as well as more information including students' class year and, when applicable, the name of the community partner organization a student worked with to conduct their internship or research. We will continue to expand the database as our students continue conducting phenomenal projects. In the meantime, use the search function below to explore our incredible students' work, and get inspired!

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Project Compassion Research Binder

This binder is a place where interns can talk to one another and build off the work of previous interns. We want to minimize overlap so we can move forward instead of redoing what is done. In my opinion, this is especially important as Project Compassion improves their evaluation process. …

Summer Research Initiative

The Summer Research Initiative is a paid, summer research program exclusively for UASCJ high school students. Over the course of four weeks, participants conduct an academic research project related to a community or social issue. With the guidance and support of Alyssa Forman, a Public Policy intern from Duke University, …

The State of Capetonian Township Education From Student Perspective

South Africa is one of the most socially fascinating countries I’ve studied, which I attribute to its wealth of diversity, and its still recent history of systemic inequality. Such conditions, in my opinion, make for very interesting dialogues at the intersections of race, culture, socioeconomic status, etc. Over the years …

Non-Governmental Organizations in Haiti: Addressing Factors that are Slowing Efforts to Rebuild Haiti

Executive Summary The United States Agency for International Development is the biggest aid agency that funds NGOs in Haiti.  Lack of collaboration among international NGOs is slowing the rate of reconstruction in Haiti and hurting the Haitian government.  The USAID should require the NGOs it funds to collaborate with each …

Family Health Ministries: A Community Perspective

Background: Family Health Ministries (FHM) is a non-profit organization based in Durham, North Carolina that provides support to international healthcare providers.  Currently, FHM concentrates all its efforts in Haiti and has established two healthcare clinics in addition to supporting an orphanage. FHM’s first clinic is in Leogane, Haiti, where the …

Explaining the Continued Presence of Orphanages in Battambang Province, Cambodia

According to a 2009 UNICEF statistic, there are an estimated 630,000 orphans in Cambodia. 12,000 children currently reside in orphanages.   Although some institutions provide services specific to the needs of certain populations of vulnerable children (victims of sexual trafficking, HIV, street children, and children with disabilities), a 2011 UNICEF report …