The Hart Leadership Program offers cocurricular and postgraduate opportunities for Duke students and recent graduates.

We believe that leadership training can and should occur both inside and outside the classroom. That's why all of our core programs involve experiential education, pedagogical preparation, reflective practice, a strong community of peers, and an aspiration to public purpose.

Service Opportunities in Leadership (SOL)

SOL is a nationally recognized, intensive 12-month leadership program for current students centered on the idea of embedding in deep community with partner organizations and learning how leadership practice translates to meaningful and impactful community work. SOL's distinctive three-stage structure includes pedagogical preparation for community engagement through a gateway course, funding for an immersive summer experience, and a capstone course providing students with the opportunity to reflect on and integrate their summer experiences into their academic learning and look ahead to how they can continue to engage in meaningful community work beyond their education.

The Hart Fellowship

The Hart Fellowship is a 10-month postgraduate fellowship for recent graduates of Duke. Hart Fellows work with community partners around the world and throughout the US, collaborating on community-engaged research and service. The Hart Fellowship was established in 1995, and since then 113 Hart Fellows have conducted meaningful community engagement in over 40 countries.

Patman Political Engagement Project (PEP)

The Patman Political Engagement Project (PEP) is a program open to students in their junior year, regardless of major, who are interested in political leadership, broadly defined. Patman Fellows begin with pedagogical preparation through a politically-engaged spring course and faculty mentoring. Patman Fellows subsequently conduct either a funded politically-engaged internship or funded research for a politically-engaged senior thesis.

Leadership in Arts Policy Internship (LAPI)

The Leadership in Arts Policy Internship provides funding for sophomores and juniors from any major to complete an internship at the intersection of leadership and creativity. Students majoring in Public Policy who are planning to complete their required Policy Internship this summer receive priority consideration.