Service Opportunities In Leadership

SOL is an intensive 12-month leadership program for Duke undergraduates that combines academic study, research service learning, mentoring, and leadership training.


The Hart Fellows Program

The Hart Fellows Program offers recent Duke graduates ten-month fellowships with international humanitarian organizations.


Enterprising Leadership Initiative

ELI challenges undergraduates and alumni to make positive contributions to society and to pursue innovative ideas that enhance communities.


Research Service-Learning Pathway

The RSL Pathway fuses research, service and critical reflection with core public policy courses.

Co-Curricular Projects

Co-Curricular Projects include internship opportunities for public policy majors, as well as a speaker series about leadership and politics that is open to all undergraduate students at Duke University.

Leadership and Arts Policy Internship

LAPI provides an opportunity for public policy majors to be awarded up to $4,000 for summer internships related to arts policy. LAPI emerged from Leadership and the Arts in New York, a popular, semester-long immersion program created by Bruce Payne, the founding director of the Hart Leadership Program.


C2P is a leadership initiative for Duke undergraduates interested in political engagement. Organized around a speaker series, C2P exposes students to a new generation of young political leaders.

Latest HLP Stories

Tony Brown

“The notion of leadership is that we have limited energy and capacity to make change. So we’d better be focusing on what we really care about . . . And it’s got to come from the inside out.”

Robert Korstad

"If you are serious about being a leader, then being engaged in the society you live in requires a commitment, and your determination to honor that commitment becomes a core value."

Alma Blount

“I see leadership as the process of helping people confront their own most difficult challenges, so they can discover and come to trust their capacity to adapt, and learn new ways of doing business that will allow them to thrive.”