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Co-Curricular Projects

Co-Curricular Projects include internship opportunities for public policy majors, as well as a speaker series about leadership and politics that is open to all undergraduate students at Duke University.

Leadership and Arts Policy Internship

LAPI provides an opportunity for public policy majors to be awarded up to $4,000 for summer internships related to arts policy. LAPI emerged from Leadership and the Arts in New York, a popular, semester-long immersion program created by Bruce Payne, the founding director of the Hart Leadership Program.

Latest HLP Stories

Tony Brown

Tony Brown came from the corporate world to become a Professor of the Practice at Sanford School of Public Policy in 1993. Tony’s approach centers on action-oriented learning that produces real results and challenges students to define their own moral fiber and values.

Robert Korstad

Robert Korstad, Professor of Public Policy Studies and History, served as director of Hart Leadership Program from 1995-2001. He was instrumental in the creation of Service Opportunities in Leadership (SOL) and the Hart Fellows Program.

Alma Blount

Alma Blount was director of the Hart Leadership Program from 2001 to 2018. She began teaching adaptive leadership at Duke in 1994, and applied her interests in politics, narrative writing, and systems thinking to the way she ran Service Opportunities in Leadership.