CCBRT 3D Printing Operations


The objective of the following report is to lay out all of the necessary building blocks essential for the implementation and maintenance of a successful 3D printing program in the CCBRT rehabilitation clinic. CCBRT is currently partnered with Nia Technologies, a non-profit that has provided CCBRT with 3D printers, materials, and the necessary software packages for creating and digitally modifying patient end-use prosthetic devices.

This report is organized into three sections: (1) logistical information, (2) qualitative evaluative information, and (3) long term implementation recommendations. The first section will include patient pricing models and clinical cost calculations of the hardware and software necessary for creating 3D printed prosthetic transtibial devices, as well as information on where to source the 3D printing materials and necessary machines. The second section will include a recommendation for strategies to assure successful prosthetist adoption of the technology, created from summaries of interviews conducted with the prosthetists at CCBRT. The third section will provide a recommendation for a possible timeline of implementation, as well as the necessary costs associated with it. This section will also include reflections on 3D printing as a whole in the clinical setting, and recommendations for moving forward with the technology in the clinical and global context.