36 Hours at Duke kicks off weekend in new I & E Bullpen

Tony Brown hosted his sixth 36 Hours at Duke weekend which focused on innovation and entrepreneurship September 25th – 27th. The weekend connected students and alumni to work on specific ideas and allows them to recapture a sense of what it means to participate in the extended Duke community.


Tony Brown's "36 hours at Duke" program at Rhodes conference room, Sanford School

Alumni Mia Wise (’14) flew in from DC to attend 36 Hours at Duke. “36 Hours was such a successful and meaningful event. I have returned to DC refreshed and reenergized, and I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to participate.”

36 Hours at Duke provided participants a forum to discuss important personal enterprising leadership issues and ideas and to reflect on personal values. The program for the September gathering included generating enterprising ideas; recalibrating behaviors and values; and building resiliency. Every 36 Hours at Duke program offers a combination of structured activities and free time allowing alumni and student partners to engage in the breadth of the Duke experience.

Each alum participant was matched with an undergraduate student from Tony’s Social Entrepreneurship in Action class for the duration of the program. The weekend started with a dinner and performance by the Pitchforks on Friday evening in the new Innovation & Entrepreneurship space (The Bull Pen) and ended with brunch on Sunday.

“I am confident that participants spent 36 hours with 20 terrific alumni and 20 stellar students. Good things result from ‘getting the right people on the bus,’” Tony stated.

In addition to sessions led by Tony, guest speakers included Matt Nash of Duke’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship initiative. Past weekends have included Professor Dan Ariely talking about irrational behavior and a discussion on philanthropy led by Joel Fleishman.