Gun violence is a collective issue that affects every American, particularly young people in schools and on college campuses. In a recent article for The Chronicle, Andrew Sun (SOL Fellow ’22) and his co-author Alexander Denza issue a call to action for students to rise up and advocate for change.

Sun, along with a collective of 144 student leaders representing 90 student groups across the nation, addresses his fellow students, calling for collective action in his article, “We will not wait for the next school shooting.

“We believe that our country has the capacity to love us back. There are bullet-shaped holes in our hearts, but our spirits are unbreakable.

History has taught us that when injustice calls students to act, we shape the moral arc of this country.”

Find the article here and join us in working toward change, as “[w]e rediscover this fulfillment in our organizing, in our community, in not just moving away from the unbearable pain of our yesterday but in moving toward an unrelenting hope for our tomorrow.”