Former Solster Tomas Lopez named Executive Director of Democracy NC

Tomas Lopez at the ’04 SOL retreat

Tomas Lopez, a lawyer with the renowned Brennan Center for Justice in New York who graduated from Duke in 2006 and participated in SOL as a sophomore, has just been named Executive Director of Democracy North Carolina. He will begin his new job in January 2018.

Democracy NC is a nonpartisan organization that uses research, organizing and advocacy to increase voter participation and reduce corruption in politics.

During his time in the SOL program, Tomas traveled to Cape Town, South Africa and worked with the South African Education and Environment Project, an organization that provides education, life skills, and psycho-social support programs for children, youth and education providers.

Tomas graduated from Yale Law School in 2010. He previously worked as an immigrant rights lawyer with the Southern Poverty Law Center in Alabama, and with the Bacon Immigration Law and Policy Program at the University of Arizona.