Hart Leadership Faculty Member Re-Elected to Durham City Council

Visiting Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Hart Leadership Program core faculty member Steve Schewel won his re-election bid for the Durham City Council Tuesday, November 3rd. Schewel received 28.1 percent of the vote in a six-person race for City Council, the highest percentage of any candidate.


An advocate for affordable housing, Schewel released a comprehensive white paper on affordable housing in Durham. His proposal includes strategies like supporting the Durham Housing Authority – which offers subsidized public housing units and issues housing vouchers for families renting in the private market – and constructing permanent housing for Durham’s chronic homeless population. Schewel also participated in a city council forum in Nelson Music Room on East Campus October 15th, where he discussed his agenda.

Next semester, Schewel will co-teach the gateway course for the Political Engagement Pilot Project (PEPP) with Hart Leadership Program Director Alma Blount. PEPP is a new collaboration between the Hart Leadership Program and POLIS: The Center for Politics, Leadership, Innovation and Service, that includes a summer internship grant for political projects with partner organizations and a capstone project the following academic year.

“One reason I’m glad to be re-elected is that I enjoy bringing the real world of local policy and politics into my classroom here at Duke,” Schewel said. “At the same time, I get to practice what I teach. It’s hard – but incredibly rewarding – to make political change happen. I want to convey to my students both the struggle and the big rewards of this work.”